University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services (FS)

Guidelines & Procedures

Fund Application Form Instructions


This fund application form is used to request a fund to be established for a project. This form should not be used for research projects. All requests to establish funds for research projects should be directed to Research Services. Please note that incomplete application forms may be delayed or returned.

Return Address

Completed forms and supporting documentation should be directed to:

Financial Reporting
Peterson Building
(230 - 54 Innovation Blvd.)

Completing the Form

Project Name

This section of the form should be used to identify the name of the project, the individual responsible for financial management of the project and the department in which the project is being managed.

Project Description

Describe the intended purpose and nature of the project that will be coordinated within the fund. This should provide sufficient information to determine how this project fits in with overall University activities.

Source of Funding

Identify whether this project is funded from an internal source (another University fund) or funded from an external funding source. In addition to completing the information on the form, please include copies of award letters, contracts or other correspondence that confirm or detail the funding being received.

If a project is funded from an external funding source, include the name of the agency and the related address.

If a project is funded from an internal source (another University fund), please describe the funding source and include the funding source CFOAPAL (if known).

Project Period

Please indicate the start and end dates of the project.

Reporting Requirements

Many projects require financial reports or invoicing to be prepared. All financial reporting and invoicing to external sponsors is prepared by Financial Reporting in the Financial Services Division. Indicate whether invoicing, financial reporting or other financial information is required as part of this project. Also provide a description of the frequency of the reporting required by the funder.

Many projects run on a fiscal year different than the University fiscal year (May 1 - April 30). Please select the month that will be used as the fiscal year end for this project. (For example a project that runs on an April 1 to March 31 year, you would indicate March.)


Check the box if GST is collected on the revenues generated by the project. (The CFOAPAL that should be used to record/deposit the GST payable is 1-100052-your organization-20101-your program code.)


Please attach a budget or complete the budget template for this project. The budget may be provided as an annual budget or as a project total budget, but should include at least the first year's budget. The budget should provide details of the timing and nature of revenues and expenses.


The Fund Request Form must be signed by both the applicant and the Dean or Department Head. Signature of the form acknowledges approval of the establishment of the project, in addition to acceptance of responsibility for the activity coordinated in the fund.