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International Student Deposits Form - Form Description

Form Field


Student Name

Name of student that is depositing funds

Student Address

Address in student's home country

Student Date of Birth

Date of Birth is required to verify student identity

Date of Transfer

Date wire transfer is initiated

Amount of Transfer

Amount and currency transferred  (example US$ 15,000)

Name of Person Transferring

Name of person transferring the funds if different than student name

Embassy Name

Confirmation of funds will be sent to the Embassy listed here.

Embassy Address

Address of Embassy where confirmation should be sent

Embassy Fax Number

Fax number of embassy where confirmation letter should be sent

Case Number

Number assigned to your immigration file by the Embassy in your country

Student email Email address where correspondence should be sent

Refund Information

If study permit is not received, funds will be wire transferred back to the account information given.  Please ensure that the information is correct

Name of Account Holder

Name of person that the bank account is registered to

Account Number Bank account number
Bank Address Full address of the bank to which the wire transfer should be sent including Street, City and Country
Signature Signature of student submitting the deposit. Signature of student indicates that they have read and agreed to the terms of the procedure.


Form Distribution

Original Forward to:
Student Accounts Office
Room E40, 105 Administration Place
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 5A2
FAX # (306) 966-8306