University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services (FS)

Guidelines & Procedures

Merchant Account Application Form

Form Description

Form Field Description
Department Department that submits the request.  The department name as it will appear on the customers' statement.  Standard format is U of S xxxxxxxx where xxxxxxxx=Dept Name (example: U of S Admissions)
Contact Primary contact person in the department for functional issues.
Phone University telephone number where the person who completed the form can be contacted
Campus Address: Departmental University address. If printer and terminal is the selected method of processing, equipment will be delivered to this address.
Fax number: University fax number where functional information will be sent. This is the fax number that information related to chargebacks will be sent to.
E-Mail Address: Address where information regarding functional issues will be sent.  It is recommended that a group email address be used.
Estimates: The University payment processor requires information on the expected average value of each transaction and the expected annual number of transactions. A "best guess" estimate is sufficient.
UniFi Account: This is the department's UniFi account number that bank transaction fees and credit card discount charges will be charged to.
Method: Please choose which method of processing credit and/or debit cards is required. Please note that processing debit cards requires a Terminal and Printer. Credit cards may be processed through any of the three options.
Authorized Signature: Signature of the person in the department authorized to incur charges on department's UniFi account
Date: Date form completed and forwarded to Treasury Office.


Form Distribution

Original Forward to Treasury Office, Room E80, Administration Building.