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Travel Card Guidelines

The University of Saskatchewan (the “University”) has an agreement with the Bank of Montreal (the “BMO”) under which the University can request the issuance of a Bank of Montreal Travel MasterCard (the “Travel Card”) on behalf of eligible employees of the University.


The purposes of these guidelines are to describe who is eligible to be issued a Travel Card, the advantages of the card, the conditions of use, the payment terms and the procedures for obtaining a Travel Card.


Within this guideline, the use of terminology such as department head, dean and college are considered to also refer to director, head of administrative unit and administrative unit/division.


Monthly paid employees, who’s BMO Travel MasterCard Account Agreement (the “Account Agreement”) is approved by their dean, department head or supervisor are eligible to be issued a Travel Card.


The advantages of a Travel Card are as follows:
  1. To charge university travel related expenses to the Travel Card with no payment required for 60 days.  In most travel situations, this should enable the cardholder to travel and then submit their Travel Expense Claim and get reimbursed by the University before the payment on the Travel Card is due.
  2. Cash withdrawls/advances can be obtained using the Travel Card.  This will allow for payment of miscellaneous travel related expenses where it is not possible or convenient to use the Travel Card. Cash advances are limited to $1,000.00 per billing period and interest is charged from date of advance.
  3. Travel related insurance including the following (please refer to the “Corporate MasterCard MasterAssist Travel Protection Certificate of Insurance” for specific coverage information):
    1. “MasterRental Car Rental Benefits”
    2. “MasterTrip Trip Assistance and Unexpected Return Home Benefits”
    3. “MasterLegal Legal Assistance Benefits”
    4. “Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Baggage Delay Benefits”
    Note: The certificate of insurance also includes a list of exclusions and limitations and claim filing procedures.

Conditions of Use

  1. The Travel Card may only be used in connection with the university's affairs and any expenses made using the Travel Card must be made in accordance with the university's "Travel" policy and "Travel Expense" guidelines.
  2. Cash withdrawls/advances may only be made if they will be used to pay for university related travel expenses.
  3. The Travel Card may not be used for purchase of any personal, family or household purposes.
  4. Any inappropriate use of the Travel Card, will result in the Travel Card being cancelled.
  5. Upon termination of employment, or transfer to a new position at the university where travel is not required, the Travel Card is to be returned to Payment Services, E80 Administration Building for cancellation.
  6. The card holder is responsible for notifying the BMO if the Travel Card is lost, stolen, etc.

Payment Terms

  1. The cardholder is personally responsible for any amounts charged to the Travel Card.
  2. The cardholder is personally responsible for any interest charges/penalities applied to outstanding balances on the Travel Card..
  3. Once any amount, which has been charged to the card, reaches 60 days overdue, as is evidenced on the Travel Card monthly statement sent to the cardholder, the 60 day overdue amount must be paid in full.    
  4. If any portion of the balance owing on the Travel Card becomes more than 90 days overdue, the University will deduct the total of the over 90 day amount owing from the card holder’s next regularly schedule pay cheque, following the date at which the amount became 90 days overdue. (See example* below)
  5. If the university is forced to proceed, as stated in point 4) above, the Travel Card will be cancelled.

* Example:
An amount owing as at January 4, 20xx is required to be paid before March 4, 20xx.  If the January 4, 20xx amount is still outstanding as at March 4, 20xx, that amount will be deducted from the card holder’s April 20xx pay cheque.


  1. Complete the Account Agreement form (see below), print it out, sign the form and get your dean or department head or supervisor to approve the form.
  2. Submit the completed form to Payment Services, E80 Administration Building.
  3. Payment Services will forward the Account Agreement form to the BMO.
  4. It takes about 2 weeks, after the form is submitted to the BMO, for you to receive your Travel Card.  The Travel Card and the monthly statements will be sent to the address indicated on the form.


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BMO (Travel Card) Certificate of Insurance  


For additional assistance please email or phone 966-8323.