The MAGS Secretariat

Last Update: December 9, 2003.


The MAGS Secretariat is responsible for providing infrastructure support to the Management Board, Scientific Committee, International Advisory Panel, and Users' Advisory Group. The members of the Secretariat are:

Current Secretariat Membership

NSERC Financial Manager:

Contact Information

This is a half time position, funded entirely by NSERC.

Specific duties and responsibilities include:

  • Manage NSERC finance.

  • Help organize NSERC-related meetings.

  • Assist preparation of reports to NSERC.

  • Assist NSERC PI in secretarial matters.

  • Attend SC meetings as required.


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Network Manager:

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Provides the day to day leadership and direction for the network operations. Responsibilities include: organizer of workshops, editor of network reports, corresponds with the public, secretary and manage network meetings, prepares budgets in consultation with both the NSERC and Partner finance managers. Able to represent SC Chair and NSERC PI at meetings as necessary, and assist the SC Chair in completing SC duties.

This is a full time job, cost shared by all major MAGS Partners.

Reporting Structure

  • will be accountable to the Management Committee although day-to-day activities will largely be done in association with the Chair of the Science Committee.

  • will prepare a brief bi-annual report for the Management Committee and will provide other updates as appropriate in response to requests from the Management Committee. The bi-annual report will focus on the objectives of the previous period, progress on those goals, and an outlook for the next period;

  • this reporting structure will be reviewed annually to assess if it is working effectively.


Ensure that MAGS research efforts are co-ordinated within Canada:

  • maintain occasional contact with MAGS researchers in order to identify new issues as well as their data and funding needs;

  • assist with organizing meetings of the MAGS Science and Management Committees and the Science Advisory Panel, including an annual Science Workshop;

  • oversee the activities of the MAGS Logistics Co-ordinator who is concerned with co-ordinating observations and other activities with operational sectors of Environment Canada such as Prairie and Northern Region;

  • maintain regular contact and co-ordination with the MAGS Data Manager;

  • responsible for producing the Proceedings of the MAGS Annual Meeting;

Promote MAGS nationally and internationally by:

  • assist the Management and Science Committees to encourage interactions between the research and client communities of MAGS;

  • make presentations on behalf of the MAGS Management Committee at national and international meetings;

  • assist in the identification of potential funding sources;

  • produce MAGS information documents as appropriate for dissemination to MAGS researchers and international partners;

  • serve as a focal point and contact for MAGS publicity;

  • assist wherever possible in educational efforts for northern residents;

  • serving as a focal point for interactions with MAGS clients.

Assist the Management/Science Committees and Science Advisory Panel by:

  • assist the Chair of the Management Committee in meeting MAGS objectives;

  • assist the chair of the Science Committee to implement the MAGS Science Plan;

  • carry out routine communications and administrative tasks;

  • provide assistance to MAGS Management in administering the financial aspects of MAGS funds;

  • collect progress reports from MAGS researchers and producing an annual report.

Provision of support to secretariat

The MAGS Management Committee will maintain the following support to the Secretariat:

  • Provide adequate office facilities to facilitate additional duties of the incumbent, and to provide space for meetings with small groups.

  • Ensure adequate funding to carry out the required duties.

  • Provide for the availability of part-time (~25%) technical assistance for clerical/technical duties associated with the Secretariat.

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Information Manager:

Contact Information

Provides data management support for the Canadian GEWEX program to facilitate access to data of interest to GEWEX researchers.

This is a full time job, cost shared by all major MAGS Partners.

Reporting Structure

  • reports to the Chair of the Science Committee but will also keep the Network Manager informed of progress.

  • is concerned with ensuring that data are made available to researchers in the most efficient manner possible.

  • reporting structure will be reviewed annually to assess if it is working effectively.


  • maintains a catalogue of data collected by Canadian GEWEX researchers and other data available for use by researchers in a distributed database;

  • maintains a central database of data common to all Canadian GEWEX research and ensure that all originator rights are respected;

  • facilitates the production of CD-ROMs of the climate station data from the climate archives;

  • produce software as necessary to convert data formats to a common data format and to assist in visualization of common data;

  • assists the Secretariat and the Science Committee in identifying data collection requirements, in order to meet MAGS objectives and annual statements;

  • in collaboration with the Secretariat, maintains and expands the Canadian GEWEX presence on the World Wide Web to streamline access to freely available data; keep GEWEX researchers and the general public informed of Canadian GEWEX activities through timely updating of the home pages;

  • assists MAGS researchers in publishing to the WWW and contributing to the GEWEX home pages;

  • prepares lists of data requests and usage statistics as required;

  • reports on Data Management activities to the Science Committee and GEWEX researchers as required.

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