Atlas of Saskatchewan
Millennium Edition




The first Atlas of Saskatchewan, under the editorship of Prof. J.H. Richards and the cartographic direction of Prof. K.I.Fung was published in 1969 as a Centennial project.  As the need for an updated Saskatchewan Atlas became increasingly apparent, numerous organizations came together to develop a new family of Atlas products.  In the fall of 1999, a new Atlas of Saskatchewan was published to celebrate the new Millennium.  The Millennium Edition, like the Centennial project, continues to be a valuable reference tool. 

The Millennium Edition has been given great praise from the general public as well as from its peers.  Cartographica,  the official journal of the Canadian Cartographic Association has described the Atlas of Saskatchewan as " truly a millennium atlas... this 1999 project was chosen by the government of the Province of Saskatchewan not only to celebrate the start of the next millennium but also to  help mark the celebration of Saskatchewan's centenary in 2005 ...the cartographic products in this book are first rate, with an exceedingly thoughtful colour design.  This short book review cannot do justice to such a rich, informative piece of scholarly work."

Saskatchewan Book Awards 2000

The Millennium Edition of the Atlas of Saskatchewan was bestowed with two awards at the Saskatchewan Book Awards, in November 2000, the "Award for Publishing" and the "Publishing in Education Award".   The Award for Publishing was presented to the  Saskatchewan publisher of the best book, judged on overall quality of design, production and content. "A monumental undertaking by the University of Saskatchewan, the Atlas of Saskatchewan is rich in detail, yet accessible.  Truly a gift to the people of the province."  UofS_logo-curved.gif (4771 bytes) The Publishing in Education Award was presented to the Saskatchewan publisher for the best book produced as an educational resource, judged on the quality of the publisher's craft, editing and its value to educators at primary, secondary or post-secondary levels.  

"The Atlas of Saskatchewan - A hugely ambitious project which has resulted in an invaluable updated reference guide to the geographical landscapes of the province.  An extraordinarily complex and demanding undertaking at every step of the publishing process, it could not have reached publication without the dedicated effort of everyone involved.  The good news for the reader is that the atlas covers a wonderfully broad spectrum of topics and will be endlessly fascinating for those who make their way through its pages.  "

"This is a comprehensive reference work for educators at all levels and for all life-long learners.  It contains a wealth of knowledge about the province - everything you always wanted to know and understand about Saskatchewan, and then some.  It is a beautifully functional book using the latest tools and applications of the geographer's divers craft.  With a legion of remarkably capable and erudite contributors, the Atlas creates a synergy of knowledge from many fields of study and disciplines.  It combines authoritative scholarship with a highly readable text.  This is a wonderful accomplishment and in invaluable work:"

     "This impressive atlas encompasses an incredible wealth of information.  This educational and scientific reference work will be of use to students, whether they attend grade school or a post-secondary institution.  

     The Atlas of Saskatchewan is a work that demonstrates passionate conviction and enthusiasm for the art of cartography and the science of geography.  The Atlas is beautifully produced, with the pride of the development team showing through in the close attention to detail, both editorially and graphically.  It is clear why the Atlas took three years to produce. 

     The strength of the thematic approach is admirably demonstrated in this project.  And the planned electronic edition, giving the capability to upgrade information as needed, is immensely exciting.  A massive undertaking, showing the best of what strong partnerships - in this case the Department of Geography, the University of Saskatchewan, and the Government of Saskatchewan - can achieve."



Celebrating.gif (6316 bytes) The Millennium Edition of the Atlas of Saskatchewan is available at the  University of Saskatchewan Bookstore , as well as most major bookstores in the province of Saskatchewan.  It can be ordered through the University Bookstore by phone (Toll free in Canada) or by mail (printable order form available at the University of Saskatchewan Bookstore web site).   



Check out the Table of Contents, look at the dust cover   for the Atlas, or see at a full-page view of:

The Saskatchewan Range in 1906

Natural Vegetation (If you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you can get a more detailed view of this page as an Adobe PDF file.)

Terrain Models (If you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you can get a more detailed view of this page as an Adobe PDF file.  Try clicking on the reference numbers on the location map for a more detailed view!)

Weather Hazards - Mean Annual Number of Days of Occurrence

Production Team

Those responsible for producing the new Atlas include:

Dr. Ka-Iu Fung, Editor
Dr. Michael Wilson, Assistant Editor
Mr. Bill Barry, Assistant Editor
Dr. Lawrence Martz, GIS Consultant
Gerald Romme, Cartographer
Keith Bigelow, Cartographer
Elise Pietroniro, Graduate Student and Cartographer