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The roots of this CD-ROM Edition of the Atlas of Saskatchewan reach back to the 1960’s and the early days of the Department of Geography at the University of Saskatchewan. The first edition of the Atlas was published in 1969 and was produced as a Canadian Centennial project. The editor of that first edition of the Atlas was Dr. J.H. Richards (first Head of the Department of Geography) and the cartographer was Dr. K.I. Fung. The 1969 Edition established an innovative format for the Atlas in which a well-balanced mix of maps and text was used to explore the physical and cultural landscapes of our province. The first edition also followed the cooperative model that we so often associate with our province, drawing on the expertise of many different scholars and specialists in government, university and private industry.

The Millennium Edition of the Atlas of Saskatchewan, published in 2000, was the first major update to the material presented in the 1969 Edition. This important reference work was compiled and edited by Dr. K.I. Fung following the model he helped develop for the 1969 Edition.  The Millennium Edition also introduced a significant extension to that model; namely, the adoption of digital mapping and graphics technology. This innovation meant that digital databases from many different sources could be used directly in the preparation of map and text material. It also allowed Atlas material to be generated in a form compatible with electronic publishing and Internet communication technologies. As a result, we were able to produce a CD-ROM Edition of the Atlas in only one year.

The CD-ROM Edition of the Atlas of Saskatchewan blends the innovations of its predecessors with new technology and creative vision to move the geographical heritage of our province another step forward. This advance is represented, in part, by the many new contributions to the CD-ROM Edition. These include material on the post-glacial evolution of our river systems, the aboriginal languages of Saskatchewan, and a very colorful presentation on our provincial flower.

Production of the CD-ROM Edition demanded innovation to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by working in a new and rapidly evolving, digital communications medium. The layout of every page had to be modified or completely redesigned to suit the height-to-width ratio of the computer screen, which is very different from that of a typical book page. In fact, the very concept of the page as an information and design unit changed significantly in the face of the interaction and navigation possibilities available with digital media. These possibilities are reflected in the innovative new layouts and designs. The CD-ROM Edition uses animation and sound to help communicate geographical information. It introduces the use of interactive panning to allow users to explore the richness and depth of the larger and more detailed maps. Dynamic links between graphical and textual material help the user navigate the tremendously complex body of information that was compiled for the Atlas.

UofS_logo-curved.gif (4771 bytes)Another very exciting aspect of the CD-ROM Edition is its potential for greater accessibility. The lower cost and smaller size of the CD-ROM Edition will make it easier for the people of Saskatchewan to access the information contained in their Atlas and to distribute their Atlas to users around the world. The production of the CD-ROM Edition represents a significant break-through into the world of digital communication that we hope will set the stage for future innovation. The use of digital publishing technologies will make it much easier to update and expand the Atlas as new data and new ways of looking at our world emerge. In much the same way as the Millennium Edition created the potential for a CD-ROM Edition, we hope that the CD-ROM Edition will, in turn, lay the foundation for a globally accessible Internet Edition of the Atlas of Saskatchewan in the not too distant future.

This work is dedicated to the people of Saskatchewan in the hope that you enjoy it and that it enriches your understanding and appreciation of the world in which we live.


Celebrating.gif (6316 bytes) The CD-ROM Edition of the Atlas of Saskatchewan is available at the 
University of Saskatchewan Bookstore, as well as most major bookstores in the province of Saskatchewan.  It can be ordered through the University Bookstore by phone (Toll free in Canada) or by mail (printable order form available at the University of Saskatchewan Bookstore web site).   


Production Team

This is the group that was responsible for the design and production of the CD-ROM Edition of the Atlas of Saskatchewan. It included geographers and cartographers from the Department of Geography and multi-media specialists from the Division of Audio Visual Services (DAVS).   

Director and Editor: Lawrence Martz, Department of Geography
Editor: Ka-iu Fung, Department of Geography
Technical Coordinator: Frank Bulk, DAVS
Cartographic Coordinator: Elise Pietroniro, Department of Geography

Gerald Romme, Department of Geography

Keith Bigelow, Department of Geography
Visual Design: Shawn Zheng, DAVS
Assistant Editor: Scott Bell, Department of Geography
Content Production:

Janet Boone, DAVS

Luc Kuckartz, DAVS

Wayne Giesbrecht, DAVS

Shawn Gelsinger, DAVS
Videography: Michael Milo, DAVS
Dave Danyluk, DAVS
Special Programming: Dean Friesen, MGMevolve