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Index of Bridges Issues


  • Curriculum Change in a Time of Transformation
  • Reflections on Three Years and Seven Months
  • Curriculum Renewal and Course Design - So where does course design and re-design fit in your curriculum renewal process...?
  • Syllabus Template and Guide Created for the U of S
  • Putting our Course Design Institute through Course Design
  • Building your Skill Set: Be a Mindful Graduate Student
  • Open Textbook Initiative in British Columbia
  • The pitfalls of trying new teaching methods and climbing back out
  • Reflective Journal and Draft Course Outline
  •  2 New Things University Teachers Need to Know
  • Introducing CAT: A closer look at the new Curriculum Alignment Tool
  • 2013 D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning
  • Improving Student Learning: The Case for Undergraduate Research and Inquiry
  • Teaching Award News
  • 2013 3M National Student Fellowship
  • GSR 989: The Philosophy and Practice of University Teaching
  • Graduate Student Teachers: Leading Effective Classroom Discussions
  • GMCTE Crossword Puzzle
  • A Bridges Interview with our new Vice-Provst Teaching & Learning, Patti McDougall
  • Inclusion is Killing Us - D'Arcy Vermette
  • Further Exploration of the Dangers of Inclusion: A Response to D'Arcy Vermette's Article
  • Exploring the SoTL Landscape at the U of S


  • Teaching and Research; not Teaching or Research\Station 20 West
  • Scholarship of Curriculum Development
  • How to Facilitate Successful Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Green Guide Review 
  • From Novice to Mentor
  • Oh Please, Not Another Self Reflection 
  • For Graduate Students
  • What Supports Graduate Students’ teaching?
  • The Treaty Module
  • The Myth of the Multicultural Patchwork 
  • Teaching Awards 
  • Teaching Philosophy: Lorne Elias 


  • It's our Birthday: The University Learning Centre is 5
  • Mindful Vetrinary Practice
  • Learning (through) Inquiry: Green Guide Review
  • When and How to Question a Disability-related Accomodation
  • Enhancing Mentoring Across the Disciplines: Via the Adaptive Mentorship© Model
  • Teaching Threshold Concepts: Approaches to Overcoming Student Uncertainty
  • A Degree and What Else? Skills, Attributes and Credentials
  • Ken Van Rees: My Journey as a Teacher
  • Professional Skills Workshop Opportunities for Graduate Students
  • Teaching Awards
  • Bridges Interview with Dan Pennock
  • Academic Innovation Initiatives Update
  • A New Academic Year Begins
  • Personalizing The Course Syllabus
  • Book Review: Where Good Ideas Come From: by Steven Johnson
  • Exploring Threshold Concepts: An example of a Threshold Concept in Art History
  • Teaching Threshold Concepts: Approaches to Overcoming Student Uncertainty
  • Curriculum Innovation: Information about the process
  • Creating a Welcoming Learning Environment
  • Teaching Award News
  • Understanding Chinese International Students’ Adoption of English Names
  •  A Transition in Learning: The Indigenous Voices Staff & Faculty Development Initiative 
  • Developing Connections and Fostering Engagement by Learning Students' Names
  • What is Instructional Design?
  • Introducing
  • The Path to Academic Program Change
  • I Thought that We Were Just Creating a Few New Courses: Reflections on Curriculum Transformation in the College of Arts and Science.
  • Threshold Concepts as a Frame for Curriculum Innovation
  • Learning Communities: Greater than the Sum of their Parts
  • Open CourseWare at the U of S
  • The Sacred in Nature: Mythology Can Change Our Minds
  • We Are All Treaty People: An Online Module for Faculty and Staff Professional Development
  • How & Why to Teach Students through Writing
  • Making Thinking Explicit: Decoding History Teaching
  • Introducing...
  • Teaching Awards


  • The Innovation Agenda
  • Here’s the Dirt on Cultivating a Climate that Inspires Teaching Excellence
  • Miyo wicēhtowin: Indigenizing Teaching and Learning at the U of S
  • An STLHE Retrospective: Welcoming the World to Talk about Teaching and Learning
  • “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”1 ... if you begin to build rapport with your students on the first day of your TA assignment
  • The Nihewan Foundation and the Cradleboard Teaching Project: Dr. Buffy Sainte-Marie at STLHE
  • Updated Academic Courses Policy: A Key Document for Instructors
  • Teaching Award News
  • Improving Teaching Takes More Than Talk
  • Keep the best and scrap the rest!
  • The Conundrum of Online Discussions
  • Teaching Award News
  • Book Reviews
  • First Year Learning Communities: Advancing the Value of Authentic Learning
  • Emotion, Conflict, and Culture in the Classroom: Part Two of Two
  • Teaching Philosophy
  • Finding Common Ground in Unfamiliar Territory
  • STLHE Conference 2011
  • Checking the Temperature and Pressure: Faculty Attitudes Toward Teaching
  • Starting a 'Wave'
  • Forget about process; let's focus on content! Threshold Concepts in the Disciplines
  • How many ways can you say "Hello?": Intercultural Communication for an Integrated Campus
  • The Runaway
  • Emotion, Conflict, and Culture in the Classroom: Part One of Two
  • Sustainability Education: Leading by Example
  • Change and Instructional Renovation
  • Master Motivator
  • Teaching Award News


  • A Perspective on Heritage
  • Beyond the Tower
  • Angela Ward
  • Stories that Leave Lasting Impressions
  • It It Not How Far, But How Well
  • 'Scholarship Reconsidered' Reconsidered
  • There Must be Fifty Ways
  • Course Design Week: A Retrospective
  • Congratulations on Ten Years
  • Teaching Award Info
  • Pay Attention During Final Exams
  • Educate the Educator
  • Teaching Awards from the GMCTE and the Provost's Office
  • The Magic and the Meaning of Story
  • Unpacking the Teaching - Research Nexus and its Influence on Academic Practice
  • Consider an Extreme Course Makeover to Rejuvenate Your Teaching
  • Pull Up a Chair - Instructional Design
  • So Much History and So Little Time
  • Brian Zulkoskey's Teaching Philosophy


  • Shhh...I'm Busy Being Quiet
  • Teaching & Technology: Mind the Gap
  • The New Centre for Discovery in Learning
  • Teaching Awards and Grants at the GMCTE
  • Connections that Engage Us in Teaching and Learning
  • The Culture of Trust within University
  • Teaching for Learning
  • An Interview with Rick Schwier New Acting Director of ULC
  • Using a Simple Technology to Improve on Student Learning, Motivation, Retention, and Assessment
  • Unabridged: An Interview with Our New Master Teacher Dr. Leslie Biggs
  • Talking Shop with Serene Smyth
  • From Plans to Action
  • Call for Proposals Teaching and Learning Scholars
  • Fostering Creativity in Learning
  • Managing Large Classes
  • Teaching Award News
  • HERDSA Checklist: Valuing Teaching


  • Teaching Matters?
  • Go Green! Transitioning to an Environmentally Friendly Classroom
  • Content Conundrums
  • The Teachers Write Column: Engaging Students
  • Preparing Graduate Students to Teach
  • Sylvia Wallace Sessional Teaching 2008 Award
  • Community Service-Learning Update
  • When did Learning Become Such a Burden?
  • Loving to Learn Day
  • Communicating Science in Exciting Ways: A Model for All Teaching
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant Teaching Programs
  • Practices in Faculty Peer Evaluation
  • The Teachers Write - About Millennials
  • We Built It, They're Coming - Now Why Won't They Stay
  • Virtual Environments, Teaching and Learning: Welcome to the SLUG
  • ULC updates: PAL Program, Writing Help, Math Help, Community Service-Learning, and Learning Communities


  • Teacher Training for Graduate Students: A Self-ethnological Approach
  • New Programs, Website and Fall Workshop Themes
  • What We've Learned About Teaching
  • The Teachers Write: Advice to a New Professor
  • Discovering the Joy of Teaching: A Review of Peter Filene's Guide for New Instructors
  • Teaching Award News
  • Techology Enhanced Learning: Limitless Possibilities
  • Emapping Your Way to New Solutions: Educational Media Access and Production
  • University Learning Centre Programs
    • Peer Assisted Learning
    • Writing Help
    • Math Help
  • Community Service-Learning Online Support
  • PAWS Course Tools
  • Community Service-Learning
  • Assessing Classroom Participation
  • Live the Questions Now
  • Unabridged: Interviews with Award-Winning Teachers [Dr. Fred Phillips]
  • 2007 Sylvia Wallace Sessional Lecturer Award Winner, Warren Noonan [Statement of Teaching Philosophy]
  • Teaching for Transformation: From Learning Theory to Teaching Strategies
  • Teaching for Critical Thinking
  • The Creative Commons


  • Bean's Student Reading Problem/Solution List
  • A Practical Teacher's Guide to Rapid Reading
  • U of S Undercover Agents (of Change), "Jumping Squirrel,"? and "Burning Lamp"? Exposed! [interview with 3M Award Winners Dr. Rick Schwier and Dr. John Thompson]
  • Using Case Studies as Teaching Tools
  • Learning Student Names
  • A Shakespearean Pedagogy: Teachers and Their "Bit Parts"?
  • The Bigger Picture: Using a Photo File to Support Student Learning
  • "Learning By Doing"?: Active and Inquiry-Based Learning Strategies in Science
  • "How Does Teaching Inform Research?"?: A Whiteheadian Perspective
  • Steam, Sautee, and Fricassee: Learning to Create and Benefit from Inclusive Learning Environments [an interview with Deirdre Bonnycastle]
  • Professors, Graduate Students & Collaboration [an interview with Dr. Peter Stoicheff]
  • The Nine and a Half Commandments of Good Teaching
  • Energizing Your Classroom Delivery: Some Helpful Hints
  • Planning for Change: The Foundational Document on Teaching & Learning
  • Hunting for Resources [Book reviews on Open to Question and Promoting Active Learning]
  • Unabridged: An Interview with a Recent Master Teacher Award Recipient [Terry Matheson]


  • Recalculating the Teaching Equation
  • Is My Fly Open?
  • Navigating the Course: From Face-to-Face to Online
  • How Does a Nurse Become a Teacher?: My GSR 989 Experience
  • The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Introduction to University Teaching: Taking a Close Look at Your Teaching Skills
  • The Pitfalls and Promises of the Doctoral Degree For Those Who Want to be University Teachers
  • From Kaleidoscopes to Collages: Bringing Closure to a Course
  • The History Department and Teaching Assistants
  • The English Department's Anti-Plagiarism Road Show, Part II
  • Dr. Ped's Advice Column
  • Unabridged: Reflections from Award-Winning Teachers [Carolyn Brooks]
  • An Historical Overview of Instructional Development in Canadian Higher Education


  • Let's Hear It for Internet Plagiarism
  • The English Department's (Anti) Plagiarism Road Show
  • Integrity and Teaching Evaluations
  • Effective Library Assignments
  • Teaching & Learning - Research & Scholarship: A Summary of the May Symposium
  • Unabridged: Reflections from Award-Winning Teachers [Dr. Silke Falkner]
  • Promoting Student-Centred Learning Environments
  • Unabridged: Reflections from Award-Winning Teachers [Dr. Sheila Rutledge Harding]
  • Some Reflections on Scholarly Teaching
  • University Without Walls: Distance and Distributed Learning
  • Distance Education Makes My Dream a Reality
  • The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Instructor
  • Teaching, Technology and Learning in the Distance Library
  • Promoting Active Learning Through Self-Assessment
  • Student Expectations: Set the Tone
  • Riting the Writing: David Solway and Essential Reading
  • The Role of Emotion in Learning
  • Experiential Learning and Faculty Mentors
  • Computer-Mediated Teaching and the Human Face of Learning: Essential Tensions or Contradictions?
 v. 1.3
  • Why Do Students Cheat and What Can Teachers Do?
  • How Can Teachers Prevent Plagiarism?
  • Anti-Plagiarism Tips From the Author of "The Plagiarism Handbook"?
  • The Risk of Integrity: An Ethical Contradiction?
  • The Internet and Integrity
  • Thinking Critically About Online Resources
  • Ten Principles of Academic Integrity
  • Informality in E-mail Communication
  • Best Practices in Graduate Supervision


  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Limits on Infinity: The Internet and Distance Learning
  • The Writing Tip of the Day
  • Librarian-Scholars and the Boyer Model
  • Look Into the Work and Find the Truth: A Statement of Teaching Philosophy