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Teaching Portfolio


The teaching portfolio is both a process and a product. It is at once the receptacle for evidence of achievement in teaching and the means for teachers to discern ways to achieve more. Teaching, research, and community, professional and public service are all part of your scholarship. You are not a teacher-scholar; you are a scholar. Use the teaching portfolio and this web site to help you document that scholarship." 

- Eileen M. HerteisMarch, 2004

The resources that can be found on this page allow University of Saskatchewan teachers to develop their portfolios at their own pace, to see examples of others' portfolios, and to link to the new standards of promotion and tenure at the university.

Please do not mail or e-mail draft portfolios to the GMCTE. University of Saskatchewan teachers or graduate students who would like a consultation to discuss their own portfolio should contact the Centre at 966-2231. The purpose of these consultations are to develop reflective teaching statements for improving your teaching and becoming more aware of your personal teaching style. Therefore, while we do provide one-on-one consultations to discuss your portfolio, we do not provide assistance in applying for teaching positions.

Each year, the GMCTE offers a short course on developing a teaching portfolio, facilitated by Dr. Kim West. To register please go to Dr. West has also provided the following resources:

Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Portfolios: Len Gusthart, College of Kinesiology

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