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Sample Teaching Philosophy Statements

Statements by Faculty

  • Jack Coggins, Department of History, at the U of S, emphasizes the allegories of Plato in his teaching.
  • Marcus Rayner, a Sessional Lecturer at NORTEP/NORPAC at Northlands College in La Ronge, offers an inspired commentary on the teaching of literature.
  • Trever Crowe, an Engineering Professor at the U of S, enriches his teaching philosophy statement with sections on committment and curricula.
  • Barbara Phillips, a Professor of Management and Marketing at the U of S, creates a useful analogy for the learning process.
  • Silke Falkner, Assistant Professor in the Department of Languages and Linguistics at the U of S, offers her students an extended learning environment.
  • Linda Ferguson, Professor of Nursing at the U of S, sees teaching as facilitation.
  • Collette Simonot, Department of Music, U of S, offers a thematic view of teaching responsibilities.

Statements by Graduate Student Teaching Assistants

  • Vicki Adams, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, U of S, offers tips on generating enthusiasm.
  • Sharon Tokar, a former Graduate Student in Archeology at the U of S, shows how she has incorporated various kinds of teaching and learning into her philosophy.
  • Stephen Levy, former Graduate Student in Computer Science, explains his inclusion of patents in his portfolio.
  • Elaine Barnhart, College of Nursing, U of S, explains how a childhood experience and professional practice inform her teaching.
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