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Lab Rules

Familiarize yourself with the laboratory rules. All labs have some “do’s and don’ts” such as where to return equipment, how to keep work areas clean, and methods of disposal of animal waste.

In the laboratory, be sure you and the students:

  • wear appropriate footwear (open toed shoes, sandals, bare or stocking feet present an accident risk)
  • when required, wear appropriate protective equipment such as safety glasses and lab coats
  • confine clothing and long hair when working with chemicals and lab equipment
  • develop a healthy respect for chemicals, know safety procedures (e.g. use of fume hood, gloves, eye protection and how chemicals should be stored)
  • put all broken glass, used cover slips, or other sharp material in specially marked puncture-proof containers for disposal: do not put sharp material in regular garbage containers or sinks
  • refrain from eating, or drinking
  • do not discard chemicals, or other potentially harmful materials with the regular garbage

General Preparation for Lab Sessions

  • Familiarize yourself with the Laboratory Timetable and be clear about the dates and times of your teaching responsibilities.
  • Know where equipment and supplies are stored.
  • If you are a TA, talk with your supervising professor before your first lab session about the nature of your teaching responsibilities in the lab.