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The Syllabus

This page was last updated on November 4, 2014.

The syllabus, commonly referred to as the course outline, is an important document that must be made available to Department Heads and enrolled students prior to the start of your course.

U of S Course Policy (2011)

Importance of the Syllabus

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Your syllabus is a contract with your students that cannot be changed without notice. The new Course Policy (2011) requires that at the beginning of each course, you must indicate:

  • The type and schedule of term assignments with approximate due dates, as well as the type and schedule of term examinations
  • Learning outcomes of the course and of the assignments and examinations
  • Relative marking weight of all assignments and examinations
  • Whether any of all of the course work assigned in a course, which may include any assignment or examination including the final examination, is mandatory for passing the course (as per College policy)
  • Attendance expectations and the consequences of not meeting said expectations
  • Syllabi should be posted on the Blackboard Open CourseWare site or a publically accessible departmental website.

More Information

U of S Syllabus Template  U of S Syllabus Template Guide 

Creating a Syllabus

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Personalizing the Syllabus

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  • A Practical Handbook for Educators by Liesel Knaack (2011) – in GMCTE library

University Policy

It is important to include information about University policy and services in your course outline. Some useful sources of information for students include: