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Teaching Resources

The GMCTE offers a wide range of information and resources listed below that can help you prepare to teach, explore different teaching strategies, learn about educational technology, and find information specifically for international teachers and graduate students teachers.  If you are interested in services we provide to support teaching, check the Teaching Consultations page. You can also check our Events page for workshops related to teaching.

Preparing to Teach

The following sections will help you prepare a syllabus, find out more about different teaching strategies you can try in class, as well as how to build a safe environment and recognize different learning styles. 

Teaching Strategies

Learn about ways to introduce experiential, field-based, community service and other ways of learning into your course. You will also find helpful tips and information about teaching in labs and to large classes in this section.

  • Teaching StrategiesA variety of teaching strategies are explored, including experiential and field-based instruction, community service, case-based, problem-based, flipped teaching, and research-based learning.
  • Learning Styles and Teaching Styles: Two separate pages, one devoted to information about learning styles and the other to teaching styles or instructional approaches.
  • Teaching in the Laboratory: An introduction to effective and safe laboratory teaching, including resources for graduate student laboratory teachers.
  • Teaching to Large Classes: Information for instructors about how to create a positive and effective learning environment in a large class, including tips on remembering students' names and getting students' involved.

Educational Technology

  • Teaching and Technology: How to integrate technology into your teaching, links to services and support for technology on campus, and sources and suggested reading.
  • Social Media in Teaching and Learning: Tools and resources about the use of social media as a tool to enhance teaching and learning in higher education.
  • Lecture Capture: How to utilize the lecture recording system on campus and why you would want to use this benefical tool.

International Teachers and Graduate Student Teachers

Copyright Help

The University of Saskatchewan joined many other Canadian universities in withdrawing its involvement in Access Copyright. In 2012 there were significant changes to copyright law in Canada. This means that there are numerous changes to the copyright rules and regulations for all members of the U of S academic community, in particular around academic courses. For more information please visit the U of S copyright page.

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