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Teaching Consultations

The GMCTE provides consultation services to any person teaching at the U of S on basically any topic related to teaching and learning in higher education. There are a number of other units on campus also dedicated to supporting different aspects of teaching and learning on campus, so a big part of our role is also to provide referral services to a number of other units on campus if there is a question that is more appropriately handled by another unit. The GMCTE has an open-door, drop-in policy. If you are unsure of who to talk to, or just have a question about teaching and learning that you need to discuss with someone, do not hesitate to drop by our office (Room 50 Murray Building), call us (306) 966-1804, or email us ( 

Examples of the types of consultations you might be interested in include:


We review and provide feedback on individual's teaching portfolios, which may be developed as part of applications for teaching or faculty positions (at the U of S or elsewhere), for tenure and promotion purposes, or for teaching award nominations. If you would like thoughtful feedback from a GMCTE staff member on a teaching portfolio, we need to have time to review the portfolio in advance of meeting with you, so please ensure that you leave an appropriate amount of time (ahead of any deadlines you may have) to allow for this type of consultation.


We meet with instructors to go over their syllabus in advance of them teaching their course, or as a retrospective reflection after a course, to discuss different aspects of the teaching and learning process. This is particularly helpful if you would like feedback on intended learning outcomes and your overall course alignment (how aligned are your intended learning outcomes with your teaching strategies, your content, and your assessments of student work).

Teaching Strategy

We meet with instructors to discuss new, innovative, or alternative teaching strategies that people may be interested in using in their classroom. This is a particularly common form of consultation with faculty, sessionals or graduate students, who know that they would like to try something different in their classroom but really do not know what an appropriate alternative might be.


We meet with instructors to go over their assignments, examinations, or other forms of assessment: to discuss how one might improve those assessments; to explore ways to implement or adopt new, innovative or alternative forms of assessment; or to provide feedback on the development and implementation of those assessments (for example, review a rubric developed to assess students' written work).

Teaching Evaluation

We meet with instructors to review their student evaluations of teaching (regardless of the instrument used by your Department or College) and to explore ways to interpret the results of the evaluations and to use the evaluations to reflect on and improve your teaching practice.