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Indigenous Education

The GMCTE is actively involved in supporting a variety of faculty and curriculum development initiatives related to decdolonizing and Indigenizing education.

Indigenous Voices:

Working from a partnership with the Beadwork Committee (College of Education) to initiate an intensive, experiential faculty and staff development program, the 2014-2015 Indigenous Voices program aims to raise awareness of Aboriginal history, culture and contemporary issues, and decolonization. The program includes Ceremony, extended learning opportuntiies beyond the core program through conferences, public talks, retreats, etc.

Indigenous Voices Core Program:

The Indigenous Voices core program consists of 14 gatherings. Introductory topics can be found in the centre of the circle and provide the foundation for each successive gathering. Each general topic is divided into two concentric circles, which build on one another, and are interconnected.  Because the gatherings build on one another, knowledge from the first circle is necessary in order to engage in the second circle. Participants will have differing levels of knowledge, skills, and experiences, and are encouraged to self-assess, and determine whether they need the first ring, or are prepared to enter in to the second ring. A solid understanding in each of the topics is required in order to effectively engage in the four outermost rings, which are designed specifically for educators.