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Reflective Teaching Portfolio Short Course

Develop your teaching portfolio with a Master Teacher

This engaging and hands-on short course is facilitated by one of our university's Master Teachers and a specialist from the GMCTE. In Term 2, 2016/17, Master Teacher Ken Van Rees from the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, Soil Science, will co-facilitate the course. Read more about Ken's teaching here, and find out about Ken as a painter here.

Short Course Description

The aim of this short course is to bring together a community of teachers (including graduate students, faculty, sessional lecturers, advisors, and staff) who are interested in developing and discussing a reflective teaching or advising practice. During the course, teachers will reflect on their approach and philosophy and the ways in which their beliefs, values, and goals affect their pedagogical decisions in the classroom. They will have opportunities to engage in reflection, discuss their teaching goals, methods, and philosophy with their peers, observe one another’s teaching, write a teaching philosophy statement and develop a reflective teaching portfolio, intended to foster reflection on teaching experiences to improve learning. For tenure track faculty, reflecting on one’s teaching practice provides a solid foundation on which to build a case file, similarly for sessionals, graduate students, staff, and advisors, reflecting on your teaching or advising practice will help rejuvenate your practice and prepare you well when applying for academic, staff, or teaching positions.

All classes held once each month on a Tuesday, from 1:30 - 4pm, in Murray G3 (to the left of the circulation desk in the Murray Library).

Topic schedule, each Tuesday:

  • January 24: Reflecting on Your Teaching Practice
  • February 14: Developing a Teaching Philosophy Statement
  • March 14: Selecting Best Evidence from Your Teaching Practice 
  • April 4: Reflecting on Feedback from Your Teaching Practice
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