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Second Plenary

The 21st Century University: Implications and Benefits of Access through Connections and Openness

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9 - 10:30am - Room 146 Arts

Brick and mortar universities face significant issues in the current global context of post-secondary education. The economic situation facing most universities is one of diminishing funds through cutbacks, increasing competition both locally and globally as a result of the increasing number of post-secondary institutions and the growing prevalence of online programs. We are also dealing with a natural demographic phenomenon whereby the number of people aged 18-22 are smaller than in previous boom eras. What can post-secondary institutions do to adapt, innovate, and remain both competitive and relevant in this situation? In essence, become part of the 21st century? In this keynote, I will discuss the issues we face and how we can meet the needs of students.

Keynote Biography

Valerie IrvineDr. Valerie Irvine is an Assistant Professor of Educational Technology in the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria. She is the founding co-director of the Technology Integration and Evaluation (TIE) research lab funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation. Valerie is currently a member of the executive committee and co-chair of World Conference of Educational Multimedia and Telecommunications coming to Victoria in 2013. Valerie brings expertise in multi-access learning environments, open education, and digital literacies for 21st century teaching and learning. To date, she has received funding for her work from the Government of Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Canada Foundation of Innovation, British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund, and various corporations have partnered with her including TELUS, SMART Technologies, Apple, Dell, Epson, and Polycom.