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Food and Drink

For those parts of the conference where you can explore on your own, or for those of you in town for longer, you might be interested in some of the recommendations for food and beverages, both on campus and around the City.

On Campus Eating and Drinking

There are many options for eating and drinking on and around campus, some great for a quick coffee and a bite to eat, while others are world class dining experiences. Enjoy.


If you have a faculty club membership at your home university, both Boffins Club and the U of S Faculty Club participate in the Association of College and University Clubs so you are welcome to enjoy both clubs.

USSU managed Food and Drink:

STM managed Food

U of S Food Services

There are many options for eating and drinking on and around campus. Most on campus eating locations are managed by the University of Saskatchewan Food Services. Among other important information, their webspace has a google map of all on-campus retail locations that they manage.

Near Campus Dining

This is dining within 5 minutes walk from the edge of campus.

Food and Drink Around Town

Food and Drink in Saskatoon Guide

Urbanspoon Saskatoon

We have asked around our office for what people might recommend for food and drink around town. We have some favourites: