Fast Find for First U of S Degree Year: [20s-50s] [60s] [70s] [80s] [90s]


Clifford W. Reed, LLB'24, who practised in Turtleford until his retirement in 1963, celebrated his100th birthday on January 21, 1995, in Victoria, B.C.


H. Margaret E.H. Smith, BHSc'36, of Washago, ON has been a Volunteer at the Orillia Public Library for the past seven years following her retirement as High School Librarian.


A. Graham Bridgman (Commodore), BE(Mech)'41, retired in 1973 after 33 years in the navy and immediately began a second career as a Stockbroker in Victoria. After twenty years he retired again. Graham and his wife continue to reside in Victoria where he reports his third career of golf and enjoyment of the west coast climate.


Shirley I. Paustian, BA'43, MA'48, BSA'49, PhD'75(UofA), of St. Albert, AB, has retired from teaching high school and university but continues work as a Teacher/Editor/Writer and presently has two books in print: Through the Open Window, an anthology of poetry which she edited, and Writing With Style, a writing text of which she is the author. Both are currently in use in high schools and universities across Canada.


John (Jack) D. Mollard, BE'45 MSc(Pur), PhD (Cor) of Regina, SK. John has pioneered mapping and evaluating Canada's physical environment and natural resources from aerial and space imagery for nearly half a century. He was awarded an honorary degree from the U of R this past spring.


Joan M. Rabey (Joslin) BA'46 of London, UK and is living in the UK in the summers and her winters in Scottsdale, AZ.


George A. Bannerman, BE(Chem)50, was named 1994 "Citizen of the Year" in Fort Macleod, AB.

H. Donald Parker, LLB'50, has retired after 29 years as a Judge of the Magistrate's Court/Provincial Court and is living in Regina.

John C. Turnbull, BSP'49, ex-Sqdn/Ldr, RCAF, bomber command, of Toronto, is chairman of the 25th annual Allied Air Forces Reunion, to be held September 29th to October 1st, 1995, in Toronto's Royal York Hotel. Information call:(416)698-5009.


W.M. (Bill) Miner, BSA'52, MSc'62, was appointed Co-Chairman of the Canada-U.S. Joint Commission on Grains in October, 1994, an assignment he reports as both challenging and enjoyable.


Albert Broudy, BSP'54 of Melfort, SK owns a Chrysler dealership and is presently a Board Member with North Central Health District.

Garfield (Gary) J. Last, BE(Chem)'54 of Toronto, ON has been appointed Chairman & Director of Ambrex Mining Corporation. He is also a Director of American Gem Corporation.


Margery G. E. Forgay (MacDonnell), BA'55, BED(MAN), MA(UBC) of Mesachie Lake, BC has received an Honorary award from the University of Manitoba recognizing her distinguished service to the U of M and her significant record in teaching, research and scholarship.

Vera O. Moroz, BSHEC'55 of Winnipeg, MB has retired after twenty four years of teaching Foodservice Administration at the University of Manitoba.


Donald C. Hambleton, BED'56, MA'58(Col), Ed.D�60 (Col), of Etobicoke, retired as Educational Research Coordinator for the Metropolitan Toronto School Board in 1994.

Terrance (Terry) R. Flannigan, BA'56 of Kelowna, BC has been appointed Executive Director of External Relations for a five year term effective September 1, 1995. He will also be the Chief Executive Officer responsible for administering the University of Alberta's upcoming major capital (fund) campaign.


William M. Hunter, BE(Civil)'59 of Orlando, FL is in the commercial real estate and general contracting business. Would love to golf with any Engineers who go that far south.


Norman O. Reed, BE'60, retired from Bell Northern Research in November, 1993 as Senior Design Engineer for Microwave and Cellular Monolithic Integrated Circuits and has moved to Arnprior, ON.


A.M. (Gus) Peesker. BSA'61, retired as Fertilizers Business Manager from ICI Canada Inc. in 1990 and is currently General Manager, Downham Nurseries Inc. in Strathroy, ON.

Kenneth C. Sauer, BAPE'61, BEd'61, MEduc'66. BED'74(Montana) of Medicine Hat, AB is presently Chairman of the Alberta Safety Codes Council.

Glen C. Sollid, BE(Civil)'61, BEd'76(CAL), MEduc'78(ALT), and Betty R. (Nelson) Sollid, BEd'76, have both retired from teaching to their acreage northeast of Calgary.


Catherine (Cathy) M. Parkinson (Muirhead), BA'62 of Ottawa, ON is a manager of a clothing and gift store, "Dilemme".

Mary E. Pyne (Clark), BSN'62, of Saskatoon, now retired from nursing, is writing poetry and memoirs, is an active member of Amnesty International and International Cooperation Committee of YWCA, plays tenor sax in the Holy Cross Adult Community Band, is a member of the Saskatchewan Flying Farmers and the Ninety-Nines, is an active church member and dreams of returning to Africa.


F. Michael (Mike) Badham, BEd'64, BA'66(RC), MEduc'72(Wayne State), was re-elected by acclamation to Regina City Council in October '94, and elected Vice-President (cities) for Sask. Urban Municipalities Association in February 1995.

Sharon L. Dahl, BA'64 Dip/Educ'65 --see Oakley C. Rankin, '64.

Robert (Bob) Stanley Hodges, BA'64, PhD'71(AB) of Edmonton, AB now network leader of "Pence" - the acronym for the Protein Engineering Network of Centres of Excellence.

John T.P. Mahoney, BA'64, BEd67, having spent a total of 17 years, mainly as a CIDA Administrator, in a number of African countries, plans to settle in Saskatoon with his wife Lynne in 1996.

Oakley C. Rankin, BA'64, Dip/Educ'65, MLS'81(UBC), has taken early retirement to Hornby Island, B.C. following twenty-seven years as Teacher, Systems Analyst and Librarian. Oakley and his wife, Sharon L. Dahl, BA'64, Dip/Educ'65 welcome old friends to their island home.

Marian L. Robson, BA'64, of Vancouver, has been named as a member of the National Transportation Agency for the Pacific Region. As vice-president at Hill and Knowlton, Marian will serve a term of up to five years on the NTA.


Gerald R. Kennedy, (Rev) BA'65, BA'68 and Margaret C. Kennedy, (Downey), BEd'66, BA'67 of Gull Lake, SK are both working in Gull Lake where Gerald will be the United Church Minister and Margaret will continue to be a Private Music Teacher.

Judith M. Thompson, BA'65, MLS'81(UBC) of Wolseley, SK has recently completed an assignment in Ethiopia and has moved to Zanzibar to work with the Zanzibar Election Commission.


R.J. (Bob) Braun, BSP'66, MSc'67, PhD'71(Iowa), moved to Morgantown, WV, in August 1994 to accept the position of Executive Director, Research and Development with Mylan Pharmaceutical Inc., Morgantown, WV.

Margaret C. Kennedy (Downey), BEd'66, BA'67. --see Gerald R. Kennedy, '65.

John Lester Newton, BEd'66, BA(NZ), MA(NZ) --see Jane Newton'84.


Guy W. Blood, BE(Civil)'67, MSc'70(CAL), has been re-elected President of the Edmonton Branch of the United Nations Association in Canada during his one year leave from teaching Civil Engineering Technology at NAIT.

Dhanvir K. Mathur, MSc'67, PhD'71(McGill), is presently Principal Scientist/Professor in the Dairy Microbiology Department, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal (Haryana), India, having served as Head/Chairman of the department from 1987-90. He will superannuate in August, 1997.

Kenneth (Ken) W.R. Vollman, BE'67, MSc'69, and Ardene L. Vollman, BSN'78, MA'85(Ottawa), PhD'90(Ottawa), are living in Calgary where Ken has been named Vice-Chairman, National Energy Board, and Ardene is now Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary, teaching public health.


T.K. (Ted) Arndt (Rev), BA'68, of Edmonton is presently serving as Pastor to a small rural congregation and a Social Ministry Facilitator in his Synod and Conference.

Edward (Ted) H. Bassett, BE'68, MSc'70, has relocated from Saskatoon to Toronto to assume duties as Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Kilborn Inc., a consulting engineering and construction company.

Elaine M. Cumming (McManus), BA'68, BEd'84 of Wabasca, AB is presently teaching for the Northland School Division at the St. Thersa School.

Leonard (Len) J. Edwards, BA'68, MA'69, was recalled from Seoul as Canadian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea in October 1994 to take up an assignment in Ottawa as Assistant Deputy Minister, Asia-Pacific Affairs, with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. He was also appointed concurrently by the Prime Minister to be responsible for the logistics preparations for the Halifax Economic Summit held in June 1995.

Dennis D. Epp, BEd'68 of Calgary retired in January after 38 years of professional service. Dennis spent the last twelve years as a General Science and Mathematics Instructor at Alberta Vocational College in Calgary.

Brian Garagan, BA'68, has been appointed Manager, Media and Community Affairs, for Prairie Division, Canada Post Corporation, located in Winnipeg.

James (Jim) E. Henderson, BA'68, BEd'70, retired in January 1995 after 31 years of teaching math/physics and administration and now lives in Fort McMurray, AB, and spends summers at Madge Lake, SK.


Jacob Sylvan Katz, BSc'69 ,Dip/PHIL'92(Sussex) of Sussex Brighton, UK is a research fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex.

Sharon M. Morgan (Sugarman), Dip/NURS'69, BSN'77 of Grand Forks, BC is an Administrator/DOC at the Boundary Lodge.


Allan A. Brazier, BA'70, BEd'70, MEduc'89(Ore) of Salem, OR is presently in the Doctoral program at the Oregon State University. He is also the Co-ordinator of the Extended Education Program.

Edith L. Popowich (Suatos), BSN'70 of Calgary, AB is semi-retired presently enjoying numerous travels to far away places. Her nursing career led her to the NWT, BC, and finally Alberta where she specialized in Ophthalmic surgery and new procedures in lasers.

Keith M. Roberts, BE(Mining)'70, is currently working as a Manager in Information Technology Services, a shared services department of Centra Gas and Union Gas, in North York, ON.


Donald A. Wasylenki, MD'71, BA(Man) of Toronto, ON is now the Psychiatrist-in-Chief and Director of the Joint Mental Health Program at The Wellesley Hospital and St. Michael's Hospital.


M.D.B. (Deb) England, BA'72, BEd'74, PGD'83, of Saskatoon has now entered the real estate profession with Ashford Realty(Sask) Ltd., after twenty years as a Counsellor and Educator.

Louise Y. Goueffic, BEd'72, BA'73, of Toronto, is having her book, The Immaculate Conquest, published by Knowledge, Ideas and Trends, New Jersey, to be released in October, 1995.

Lawrence P. Howorth, BComm'72, is the Managing Principal of LPH & Associates International, Long Beach, CA, specializing in multinational and change management/restructuring in manufacturing and service organizations.

Jack D. Shore, BComm'72, is currently Vice-President, Retail Banking, CIBC Atlantic Region, in Halifax, NS.


Beverly (Bev) E. Allen, BSP'73 of Saskatoon, SK is an Assistant Professor at the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the U of S. Bev is currently the 2nd Vice President of the U of S Alumni Association and was recently acclaimed President-Elect for the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association (May 1995).

Charlotte A. Edwards (Newton), BSc'73, now of Calgary, runs a software business out of her home.

Ken L. Fawcett, BSC'73, together with Bob L. Gemmel, BADMIN'73, Bob A. Koenig, BE(Mining)'74, MBA'82, Jim R. Vollett, BComm'74, Gary G.L. Beckie, BSPE'83, MBA'90, Michael F. Morgan, LLB'87, are part of the Rydberg Levy Group Inc., of Denver, CO, an international performance improvement consulting company.

Bob L. Gemmel, BADMIN.'73 --see Ken L. Fawcett, 73.

Merrilee D. Rasmussen, LLB'73, BA'72 (Reg) is now practicing law in Regina. Recently completed MA Thesis "Decline of Democracy in Sask" and received Governor's Gold Medal. Merrilee is presently enrolled in the LLM program at the U of S.


Kristine M.E. Anderson, BMUS'74, recently completed 3 1/2 years touring with The Phantom of the Opera, in the role of Madame Giry, and is now settling back into Toronto life.

J. Lewis Cluett, BE(Mining)'74 of Red Lodge, Montana is the Manager of Technical Services for Stillwater Mining Company.

Shirley R. Gader (Martin), BSN '74 --see Steven G. Gader, MD'78.

R. Wayne Holden, BE'74, is a Project Manager at the National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa.

Bob A. Koenig, BE(Mining)'74, MBA'82 --see Ken L. Fawcett, 1973.

Kevin D. LaPaire, BE'(Agric)'74, is Principal (plant) of Container Design Services in Petrolia, ON.

Jim R. Vollett, BCOMM'74 --see Ken L. Fawcett, 1973


Thomas (Tom) A. Duggleby, BSPE'75, BED'77, MSc'81 and Wendy Diane Duggleby, BSN'75 of Nacogdoches, TX . Thomas is at the Memorial Hospital in acute care physical therapy and Wendy is a Specialty Coordinator for the Hospice of Deep East Texas as well a part-time instructor at Stephen F. Austin University.

Walter Ernest Kozachuk, BSc'75, MD'80 of Westchester, PA has recently joined Cephalon Inc. as Director of Clinical Research and Development.

Philip (Phil) L. Mamchur, BComm'75 of Saskatoon, SK has been appointed the new Executive Director of the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.


Betty R. Sollid (Nelson), BEd'76 --see Glen C. Sollid, '61.


Paul C. Dribnenki, BSA'77, MSc'79, PhD'91, is employed by United Grain Growers in Morden, MN, where he is co-directing breeding activities to establish Linola (low linolenic flax) as a new source of polyunsaturated oil suitable for the edible oil market.

Dennis R. Fingas, (Rev), BA'77, MDIV'87, and Pamela M. Fingas (Hearn), BEd'78, are living in Regina, where Dennis was recently appointed the Lutheran Care Society Chaplain for the Regina Health District, and Pamela is working at the Sherwood Village Branch of the Regina Public Library as an Adult and Children's Programmer.

John R. Young, BA'77, BEd'82, PGD'92 and Susann Linda Young, BEd'86, BA'90, MEduc'93 of Nanaimo, BC are both teaching high school in Nanaimo.


Jennifer A. Bardell, BSc '78, PhD'83(UWO) of Ottawa, ON has been promoted to Senior Research Officer at the National Research Council in Ottawa.

Pamela M. Fingas (Hearn), BEd'78 --see Dennis R. Fingas, 1977.

Steven G. Gader, MD'78 and Shirley R. Gader ( Martin), BSN '74, of Topeka, KN has recently moved to Topeka and have joined OB/GYN group.

Donald Christopher Harold, BComm'78, MA'90 of Calgary, AB is the Principal of a software consulting company headquartered in Calgary.

Ardene L. Vollman, BSN'78, MA'85(UofO), PhD'90(UofO)--see Kenneth W.R. Vollman, 1967.


Willa M. Edmonds (Jasper), BEd'79 of Tecate, CA has been the Director and Teacher at the Oaxaca Christian School in Oaxaca, Mexico. In 1984 Willa and her husband (Director of the Tecate Mission) moved to Tecate and minister to the spiritual, physcial and academic needs of the people.

Dale G. Kohlenberg, BComm'79, LLB'80 of Saskatoon, SK has accepted a term contract with the Federal Dept of Justice.

Roger L. Larson, BComm'79, is living with his daughter in Ottawa, where he is managing director of the Canadian Fertilizer Institute.


J..R. (Jim) Brewington, BE(Civil)'80, formerly of Shell Canada Products Ltd. in Toronto, has recently joined INTERA Information Technologies Corporation as Manager of the Environmental Consulting Division office in Calgary.

Erik W. Dravnieks. BSc'80, has just completed a PhD in Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University and has started work at Bell-Northern Research in Ottawa as a softward designer.


Joel Aaron Brodsky, BSA'81, MSc'83 of Denfield, ON is the Operations Manager at Ault Foods in London, ON.

Derek D. Gunn, BSc'81, and Marth A. McDonagh, BSc'83, are living in Calgary where Derek is a Log Analyst at Mobil Oil Canada Ltd., and Martha is a Director on the Board of Calgary Co-operative Association Ltd.

Constance H. Krushelnicki, BSP'81, BA'94(UofR) convocated from the University of Regina in May, 1994 with a BA in English.

Kelly J. Lendsay, BSPE'81, MBA'94 of Saskatoon, SK has been selected to the 1995 Governor Generals Work Study Conference.

Gorden R. Loewen, BSP'81, PhD'88, has moved to Solana Beach, California where he is a Clinical Pharmacokineticist with Ligand Pharmaceuticals.

Joyce D. Morrison (Trapp), BComm'81, is now working for The Hanover Group in Calgary.

Eng Lee Peng, BSc'81, PhD (Kensington), was awarded a Meritonious Service Award in November 1994 by the King of Brunei.

Jessie E. Wade (Revesz), BEd'81 of Bredenbury, SK has retired from the Board of Education after teaching over thirty three years.


Svava Lee Bjarnason, BEd'82, MEduc'93(LON), PGD'94 of London, England is self employed as as Research Consultant in Higher Education.

Luanna Dueck, BEd'82, of Saskatoon, is completed a four-month Mennonite Central Committee assignment in Akron, PA, where she worked as a packer at Self Help Crafts of the World.

C. Heather Graham (Rev), BA'82, MDIV'87, was called to a team ministry at Grace-Westminster United Church in Saskatoon in 1992 after spending five years in Gravelbourg.

Mary E. Kondzielewski, BA'82, is a Legal Secretary at Gates & Company in Regina. Mary also sings with the Regina Ladies Choir.

Kim A. MacNab, BSc'82, BSP'85, Dip/Pharm'90(Tex), MD'93(Cal) of Buffalo, Minnesota will be working in Emergency and Family Medicine in Buffalo.

D. Frank G. Quennell, BA'82, LLB'85, a Lawyer with Robertson Stromberg, Saskatoon, has been appointed to the twelve-member U. of S. Board of Governors for the three-year term.

David E. Stark, BSc'82. DMD'90 of Saskatoon, SK is completed his MSc (Dent.) at the University of Minnesota. David returned to Saskatoon this summer as a certified specialist in Endodontics and resumes teaching at the University of Saskatchewan, College of Dentistry.

W.A. (Bill) Strautman, BSA'82, BJ'87(Halifax), recently moved with his family to Winnipeg where he is a Senior Editor with Farm Business Communications, UGG.


Gary G.L. Beckie, BSPE'83, MBA'90 --see Ken L. Fawcett, 1973.

Paul V. Beaulieu, BSA'83, MBA'88(UWO), and Annette L. Meier, BEd'93, married in September1994, are living in Battleford, SK, where Paul is a District Manager with the Agricultural Credit Corporation and Annette teaches special education and core French at St. Vital School.

Nancy A. Gabel, MD'83, is presently associated with Frame Lake Family Physicians of Yellowknife, NWT.

Steven G. Komar, BSP'83, BED'92(CAL) --see Joyce L. Kennedy, 1984.

Martha A. McDonagh, BSC'83 --see Derek D. Gunn, 1981.

Milton (Milt) J. Nickel, BComm'83, has recently moved to Calgary to become Continuing Health Education Manager for Ortho-McNeil Inc.

Brittan L. Pasloske, BSc'83, PhD'89(ALT), is working at Ambion Inc., a biotechnology company in Austin, Texas.

Natalie H. Polvi, BA'83, MA'88, started a two year leave from her position as Psychologist with the Correctional Services of Canada in September, 1994 and is presently a PhD candidate in the Law and Psychology program at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C.


M. Todd Achen, BComm'84 of Calgary, AB has recently been promoted to Manager, Commercial & Financial Reporting at Novagas Clearing House Ltd.

Vivian J. Bardwell, BSc'84, PhD'90(Wisc), has completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund Laboratory in London, and has been appointed Assistant Professor of biochemistry at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

D. Bradford (Brad) Buxton, BA'84 of Minneapolis, Minn is a PhD candidate in Social and Adminisrative Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota.

Joyce L. Kennedy, BSc'84, and husband Steven G. Komar, BSP'83, BEd'92(CAL), are living in Calgary where Joyce is working as an Integration Programmer with Riley's Datashare.

Valerie C. McGee, BA'84, LLB'87 of Scarborough, ON is now working as the Director of Human Resources for Addison-Wesley Publishers in Toronto.

Malu Muia Ndavi, MSc'84, PhD'93(Cambridge), is living in Nairobi, Kenya, where he is Regional Manager for Cyanamid Trans. Corp. in charge of agricultural products in Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Mauritius.

Jan Newton (McDonald), MEDUC'84, Dip/EDPSY'84(CAL) and John Lester Newton BED'66, of Emerald Park, SK. Jan is supervisor of Special Services for the Regina Public School Board and John is with the Faculty of Education at the U of R.

Michael G. Stewart, Dip/Agric'84, BA'87, BComm'87, is now living in Thunder Bay, ON. with his family where he is a Manager for London Life Insurance Company and recently received his chartered life underwriter designation.

R. Seumas M. Woods, BA'84, LLB'84, LLM'85(UofT), BCL'87(Oxon) has been made a partner of Blake, Cassels & Graydon, Barristers & Solicitors, Toronto.


Jeffrey K. Bowers, BComm'85, has been transferred and will be living in Jakarta, Indonesia, as Controller of the South East Asia operations for Nowsco Well Service Ltd., an international oil well servicing company.

Ron J. Cherepuschak, BE(Mech)'85, MBA'94(UofT), completed his master of business administration degree at the University of Toronto and is continuing to work for General Motors of Canada in Oshawa, ON.

Marjorie E. Mann, BSA'85, MSc'89 of Calgary, AB is working for Alberta Cattle Commission and Canadian Cattleman's Association. Marjorie is also taking part-time MBA at the University of Calgary.

Roy G. Mark, DMD'85, BSc'90 and Janet Ling Mark (Yee), BSc'87, BSP'90 of Richmond, BC. Roy is in private practice and Janet is working full time at London Drugs.

Patti M. Sebestyen, BEd'85 of Saskatoon, SK will be inducted into the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame in November, 1995.

Rhonda R. Todrick (Murison), BA'85, formerly Executive Director of Vancouver Executives' Association, has recently been appointed General Manager of the Robson Street Business Association, a business improvement area in Vancouver. Rhonda is also doing fundraising for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation.


Leann M. Borowetz(Ife), BED'86, BA'94 --see Taras B. Borowetz '86.

Taras B. Borowetz, BSA'86 and Leann Marlene (Ife), BED'86, BA'94 of Hudson Bay, SK announce the birth of their first child, a daughter.

Todd Edward Hanson, BA'86, BEd'87 and Jeanette Mae Hanson (Regier) BSN'88 of China are both teaching English at Sichwan Teacher's College in China.

Kevin D. Karr, BComm'86 and Sandra (Sandy) Karr (Desrosiers), BComm'86, are residing in Oakville, ON where Kevin will continue in his position as Treasurer of Scott Paper Ltd and Sandy will now take some time off to raise their two children.

Sandra (Sandy) Karr (Desrosiers), --see Kevin Donald Karr '86.

Suzanne J.M. Krienke (Krayetski), BSPE'86, BED'87, and Shawn W. Krienke, BSPE'92, now reside in Terrace, BC where Suzanne is a Teacher and Shawn is a Recreation Coordinator with the city's Parks and Recreation Department.

Dickson J. Robin, BA'86 of Fort Collins, Colorado is employed with Fort Collins as a City Planner.

Susann Linda Young, BEd'86, BA'90, MEDUC'93 --see John Russel Young '77.


Susan A. Ball, BSc'87 of Calgary is working as a Support Geologist on the Global Change Program at the Geological Survey of Canada in Calgary.

Muhammad Hafeez, MA'87, is Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, at the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. He also has his Pakistan commercial pilot's licence.

Janet Ling Mark (Yee) BSC'87, BSP'90 --see Roy Gary Mark'85.

M. Lindsay McCann, BComm'87, LLB'88 (Osgoode) is practising law at the Bay Street firm of McCann & Pat in Toronto, but admits he misses Saskatoon and the U. of S. "quite a bit."

Michael F. Morgan, LLB'87 -see Ken L. Fawcett, '73.


C. Timothy Beech, PGD'88, BA'83(Cal), BEd'76(Cal) of Biggar, SK has been appointed Acting Curator of the Biggar Museum and Gallery.

D. Brent Calvert, BA'88 of Richmond, BC is the General Manager of InfoPoint in Vancouver.

Ryszard I. Cholewinski, LLM'88, LLD'92 (Ott) of Leicester, England is presently a Lecturer in Law with the University of Leicester in England.

Jeanette M. Hanson (Regier), BSN'88 --see Todd Edward Hanson '86.

David N. Leitner, BComm'88, BA'89, has recently accepted the position of C.H.E. Associate-Marketing at Hoffmann LaRoche Canada in Toronto. Dave was previously with Eli Lilly Canada in Scarborough.

David S. Lesperance, LLB'88, practising in the area of immigration and offshore tax planning has become a "refugee" from his downtown Toronto law firm and is now networking to his staff and overseas from his home office.

Terrance (Terry) J. Ternes, BSc'88, MSc'94(Montana) of Calgary, AB has recently graduated for Montana Tech at the University of Montana and now is employed by Kedon Waste Service Ltd.

Felix Alvin Thomas, BSPE'88, BA'90 of Kinistin Band Tisdale, SK has been selected to the 1995 Governor Generals Work Study Conference.

James Zunti, BSc'88, BE(Elec)'88, has moved back to Calgary and is Senior Engineer with Trans Canada Pipelines in Calgary.


Patrick J. Bilyk, BComm'89, is living in Airdrie, AB. and working in Calgary for Alberta Treasury Branches as Operations Officer.

Constance J. Calvert, BA'89 of Port-au-Prince, Haiti is working for the International Organization for Migration based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Leah C. Gibney-McCullough, DMD'89, and her husband, Capt. John McCullough, are the parents of a new son.

Ward B. Headrick, BSA'89 of North Battleford, SK was recently transferred to Scotia Bank in North Battleford as Account Manager.

Elizabeth C. Hinks, BEd'89, BSc'68(Car) of Cornall, England is teaching remedial reading part-time and has begun an MEDUC in special educational needs.

Gregg M. Parchomchuk, BA'89, BComm'92, is now working as an Administrative Assistant for the Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine, U. of S.

Colleen J. Schneider (Krywulak), BCOMM'89, received the Ernst and Young 1994 Entrepreneur of the Year Award - Prairie Region for her marketing of Schneider's Popcorn Parties Inc. Colleen also accepted the 1994 Abex Award on behalf of Schneider's for Marketing.

Ward S. Teulon, BSA'89, who lives on his boat, is sailing on the west coast of Canada, teaching sailing for yachts, skippering and chartering.

Margaret (Meta) A. Woods, BA'89, LLB'89, MLITT'93(Aberdeen), has been appointed Clerk Assistant of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly.


Janet E. Allen, BA'90, BPR'92(MSV) of Saskatoon, SK divides her time at work between Saskatoon District Health Board (Communications Coordintor) and Royal University Hospital Foundation (Community Relations/Special Events).

Lisa D. Berg, BA'90, MA'95, of Saskatoon, SK, is pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology at the U. of S. and is presently editor of the Saskatchewan Psychologist.

Richard (Rick) Bond, BE'90, recently returned from an assignment in Algeria for M.W. Kellogg, and is working as a Scheduler for Kilborn Engineering Pacific Ltd. in Idaho.

Gerald F. Merkosky, BComm '90 of Fort McMurray, AB was choosen as the Valedictorian for the 1994 CMA Alberta graduating class. Gerald is currently working for Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Trenton L. Remlinger, BMUS'90, and Paula Jane Remlinger (Isinger), BA'94, are living in Saskatoon where Trent divides his time between farming and playing with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra and Paula Jane is returning to the U. of S. to pursue a BED.

Elva M. Winters, Cert/BUSADM.'90, BSS'94(Ottawa), is a Project Manager at Industry Canada, Ottawa.


Stephen B. Climenhaga, BED'91, is living with his family in Cadillac, SK. where he is Principal of Cadillac Elementary School.

Joan H. Larsen, BComm'91 of Fort McMurray was choosen as the Valedictorian for the 1993 CMA graduating class. Joan is currently working for Syncrude Canada Inc.

Bridget A. Painchaud BA'91, BED'92 and John Carlos Osika, BA'93 are engaged to be married in July, 1995. Bridget is a high school teacher in Fine Arts and Counselling in Bonnyville AB.


CameronJ.G. Bally, LLB'92, BA(Hon)'84 Associate Arts Degree'83 of Calgary, AB has recently established criminal practice in Calgary as a Independent Associate of Moreau, Ogle & Hursh.

M. Edith Delanghe, LLB'92, has been with Snyder & Company in Edmonton since August 1994, doing predominantly family law.

Gamal E.M.I. El-Khatib, Cert/HECADM'92, of Giza, Egypt is currently the Medical Director of Nile Badrawi Hospital.

Douglas G. Kasko, LLB'92, BA'89(York),of Bradford, ON. has been appointed Federal Crown Attorney for Simcoe County and is an Associate with Zwicker, Evans & Lewis of Orillia and Barrie, ON.

Shawn W. Krienke, BSPE'92 --see Suzanne J.M. Krienke (Krayetski) '86.

Trent J. Meyer, BA'92, BComm'92 of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is working as a Marketing Executive for EPSON Computers & Princters. Is planning to return back to Saskatoon in the fall of 1995.

Alan W. Reese, PhD'92, and BA, BEd, MEduc(AB) and MA(Tor) of Saskatoon, SK was appointed to a tenure-track position in Medieval History at St. Thomas More College at the U of S.

Chetan Thakore, BA'92, BComm'92, after serving various consulting positions within the firm, is now Controller for Syncorp Valuations Ltd., a full service consulting and appraisal practice with head office in Saskatoon.


Susan M. Campbell, MSc'93 of Brandon, MB is engaged to be married in October, 1995. Susan and her fiance are both employed with Ag-Quest Inc. in Minto, MB.

Tracy M. Hryhoruk, BA'93, is working in Calgary at Wood's Homes as a Youth and Family Counsellor with the Phoenix Program, an adolescent sex offender program.

Jonathan W. Kiesman, BSP'93, and Margaret Keisman (McFarlane), BSP'93, are living in Kitchener, ON. They both work for Big V Pharmacies in the nearby community of Elmira, where Jonathan is the Pharmacy Manager and Margie is the Staff Pharmacist.

Annette L. Meier, BEd'93 --see Paul V. Beaulieu, 1983.

John Carlos Osika, BA'93 --see Bridget Ann Painchaud '91.

Karen M. Rostad, BComm'93, of Kenway Mack Slusarchuk Stewart, C.A.'s, Calgary, won the Francis G. Winspear Gold Medal of Excellence for the highest mark of Alberta candidates in the 1994 Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta uniform final examination. She was ninth in Canada among 3,174 UFE candidates, earning her a place on the top 20 national honor roll.

Lesley Pamela Swystun, BSN'93 and Kirk Ashley Guenther, BE(Civil)'94 of Yellowknife, NT. Lesley is working at Stanton Yellowknife Hospital. Recently engaged to Kirk A. Guenther.

Jia Zongchao, PhD'93 of Kingston, ON is presently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at the Queen's University.


Jason M. Gasmo, BE(Civil)'94 of Humboldt, SK is currently enrolled at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, working on his Masters degree.

Kirk Ashley Guenther, BE(Civil)'94 --see Lesley Pamela Swystun, BSN '93.

Kiprian J. Hritzuk, BE(Civil)'94 of St. Walburg, SK is currently enrolled at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, working on his Masters degree.

Patricia A. Sanford (Cowell), BA'94 of LaSalle, ON is counselling at Windsor Sexual Assault Centre and has recently opened a private counselling practice.