Debate Society seeks stories from Alumni

It's an easy argument to make. In its 84-year history, the U of S Debate Society has established an excellent reputation for debate skills. According to the society's vice-president, the U of S has consistently placed in the top 10 at major competitions and currently boasts the number-one ranked western Canadian debater and the number-16 ranked national debater.

"Despite our relative obscurity on campus, we are the official voice of university debate in Saskatchewan - since Regina does not have a vote in Cusid - and our tournament is highly revered by other university clubs. We constantly find ways to get U of S students out of the city to compete, improve and gain confidence in their abilities," says Saad Zia.

The USDS is run by students and is funded through the Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association. Although the budget has been cut this year, members pay a lot of expenses out of their own pockets to attend national and international tournaments.

But according to Zia, experiencing different styles of debate is essential to the team's success. Some of the clubs victors in the recent past include Brad Berg (LLB '92) and Kylie Heade (LLB '98). And in the distant past, one of the clubs earliest members was the Right Honourable John G. Diefenbaker.

Zia says the society is compiling a history of the club to preserve the tradition of the past for the orators of the future. He is currently seeking information about the society's history from alumni, and would eventually like to set up an alumni contact page on its website.

Please address your correspondence to:

K. Saad Zia, University of Saskatchewan Debate Society, Room 65, Lower Place Riel, Saskatoon, S7N 5A3 or send email to You can also call Corey Neal Henry at (306) 343-6555. The society encourages all alumni to visit its homepage at usdbs/