Upcoming Reunions:

June 25-27 Alumni Reunion Weekend:

* All-Colleges' 1939, 1949, 1959, 1974

* St. Thomas More College: Classes of 1939, 1949, 1959, 1974;

* All Years' Flegel House Residence Reunion; All Years Sisters of Service Residence Reunion

* 1954 Degree Agriculture

July 2-4 1969 Mechanical Engineering Reunion

Location: Regina, SK

For details, write to Lorne Kelly, Class President, 440 Oakside Circle SW, Calgary, AB T2V 4T6, or email:

August 13-15 1984 Physical Therapy Reunion

Location: Waskesiu, SK

For details, contact Peggy Proctor (306)955-0798

January 14-16 1950 Degree Agriculture Reunion

For more information at this time, please contact Fred Fulton (306)373-1440 or E-mail:

June 23-25 Alumni Reunion Weekend:

* All-Colleges' 1940, 1950, 1960, 1975

* College of Pharmacy and Nutrition All Years' Reunion

* Teachers' College & Normal School All Years' Reunion

June 22-24 Alumni Reunion Weekend:

* All-Colleges' 1941, 1951, 1961, 1976

1953 Engineering Class Reunion:

Engineers' Class '53 held their 45th Year Reunion at Canmore, Alberta, September 22-25, with 34 grads and 30 wives and friends attending. Spectacular scenery, sunny warms days, fall colours, hiking and golf, good restaurants, buffalo meat for the banquet and great company.

(left to right): Bill Hennenfent, BE(ME); Ken Fowler, BE(EP); Doug Tilden, BE(CI); John Campbell, BE(ME); Brian Tinker, BE(CH); Allan Fraser, BE(CH); Alex Kobelak, BE(CI); Jim Kearney, BE(CI); Merv Gunderson, BE(CI); Elson Hanson, BE(CI); Don Coghlan, BE(CI); Mitchell Kocur, BE(CI); Ralph Gibson, BE(CI); Ron Schramm, BE(EL); Walter Burynuik, BE(CI); Jim Pitts, BE(EL); Bob Hurley, BE(CE); Tom Hicks, BE(CI); Jack Forrest, BE(ME); Don Henderson, BE(ME); Wes Wankel, BE(Ag); Leo Freitag, BE(ME); Bob Francis, BE(ME); Fred Catterall, BE(CI); Vern Elliott, BE(ME); Wally Pieczonka, BE(EP); Ben Lintz, BE(ME); Lloyd Davies, BE(CI); Fred Ostapovitch, BE(ME); Don Riecken, BE(ME); Ron Towell, BE(ME); Des McCormac, BE(ME); John Sworder, BE(ME).

Okanagan Alumni Branch Launch Ceremony

In the weeks leading up to the completion of his second term as president George Ivany has been visiting U of S alumni branches around the world - from Toronto to Hong Kong. In early April he joined about 50 alum who gathered at the Harvest Golf Club in Kelowna. Ivany reviewed the success of the First & Best capital campaign and the importance of alumni to the long term future of the campus. He also noted a few of the University's achievements, challenging claims by a certain national magazine that Huskieville is anything but a first-rate institution. The evening also featured a lively social element. Here he poses with the Hamilton family (l to r) - Heidi, BComm'96, Brent, Gavin, former dean of the Vet school and the branch contact James Paterson LLB'95.

Attention, Civils Class of '69, thirtieth reunion, Fairmont Hot Springs, September 9-12, 1999.

(left to right): Ernie Koshuta, Bob Gregory, Ray Ling, Brian Bentley, Larry Wiens, Dave Scott, Peter Robson.

'69 engineers plan reunion at Fairmont - One thing led to another.

It started when the Civil Engineers class of 1969 returned to Saskatoon for their 20th anniversary in 1989. They did the usual things - toured classrooms, spent time in Saskatoon and checked for receding hairlines. Five years later it was time for a 25th anniversary of the day this group was unleashed on an unsuspecting world and a new venue was in order.

A quick geographic assessment (one a civil engineer, always a civil engineer) indicated the most central gathering place for this widely dispersed class would be Fairmont Hot Springs in B.C. And so began a new tradition.

There were no classrooms to tour here. Instead it was golf, white water rafting, fine dining and lots of visiting. The event was such a hit, the class decided to return "same time next year" and the ritual of an annual fall reunion of the Civils Class of '69 began. "That brings us to this, the grand thirtieth year of our illustrious engineering careers. The plan is to stay with a winner and hold a gala 30th reunion, as has become our fashion, in Fairmont Hot Springs, from September 9 to 12, 1999," reports organizer L.H. Wiens (BE'69) of Regina.

The group expects more golf, white water rafting, dining, soaking in pools and visiting will again dominate the agenda.

"So the call goes out to all members of the U of S, Civils, class of '69. Plan to come to the beautiful Columbia River Valley in September and once again enjoy the camaraderie of your classmates.

Contact L.H. Wiens at (306)789-9839 or

1968 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Reunion:

If we haven't seen each other for 30 years, will we recognize each other? That may well have been one of the questions that Home Economics graduates from the class of '68 asked themselves as they made their way to the Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon, for their reunion July 24-25, 1998.

Those present need not have wondered. Just to make identifications easier someone included photos from the 1968 yearbook on the name tags. "Besides, nobody has changed much", was the consensus.

The group enjoyed a full weekend of events. Thanks to Judy Stevenson and Marlene Loraas, both residents of Saskatoon, the reunion was a huge success. Seventeen of a possible 26 classmates attended, and each one left for home enthusiastic about getting together again in another 10 years!

Those in attendance were: Darlene Braun (Michalenko), Marian Campbell (Watt), Joan Clement (Dickin), Darlene Daley (Fertuck), Jean Heie (Berry), Brenda Hennig (Propp), Sheila Lavender (Oliver/Clark), Elaine Lemieux (Welsh), Marlene Loraas (Bursaw), Donna Newman (Dreger), Sharon Oliver-Murthy, Bev Pain, Valerie Price (Waldner), Judy Stevenson (Morstad/Sakundiak), Lucille Saum (Aitken), Patricia Sawatzky (Nordin), Lois Schultz (Brydges), Sharon Stredwick (Doyle).

The U of S College of Pharmacy and Nutrition will host an All-Years College Reunion in 2000;

A very special feature will be a joint celebration with alumni of the College of Home Economics and will coincide with the Alumni Association Annual Reunion the third weekend in June 2000.

At the same time, Saskatoon will also be hosting theAnnual Conference of the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) and Saskatchewan Pharmaceutical Association (SPhA). This will be one of the larger conferences planned for Saskatoon in the year 2000.

The City of Saskatoon has recognized the U of S Reunion 2000 as one of the top 10 Very Important Reunions (VIRs) for the year 2000, which will offer:

* major celebration of the beginning of a new millennium and an opportunity to highlight the significance of our practices and changing professions.

* reduced travel costs by attending several major events at one time;

* the involvement of families, as the reunion takes place after the school year;

* Saskatoon's variety of economic accommodation and excellent venues for dining, entertainment and hosting of plenary meetings;

* ample time for other stakeholders and associations to facilitate their individual programs and coordinate social functions;

* an opportunity for alumni to renew acquaintances with other college and univeristy alumni.

We look forward to being a part of your return to our province, city and university. Plan now to join us in Saskatoon, June 23 to 26, 2000.

For more information, contact:

College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, c/o B.E. (Bev) Allen, BSP, 110 Science Place, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK S7N 5C9, Phone: (306) 966-6337, Fax: (306) 966-6377, E-mail:

St. Thomas More College Reunion notice:

Reunion Weekend - June 25-27, 1999:

Along with the classes of 1939, 1949, 1959, and 1974, St. Thomas More College will also be celebrating the reunion of all those who stayed at the Flegel House residence (all years) and Sisters of Service residence (all years). For further information, contact Don Gorsalitz, STM, at 1-800-667-2019 or (306)966-8918.

Reunion Notice for Teachers' College & Normal School Reunion, June 23-25, 2000

Get together with former classmates and relive those great University, Teachers' College, and Normal School Days.

To help us make plans, please let us know if you plan to attend the reunion by responding by June 30, 1999 to:

Willmer Willems, 904-405 5th Ave. N., Saskatoon, SK S7K 6Z3 or call (306)343-0858, fax (306)665-0531 or email

Friday June 23, 2000: Registration & Social (College of Education)

Saturday, June 24, 2000: Brunch, Class Reunions, Tour of Normal School, Tour of Western Development Museum, Photographs, Reunion Dinner

Sunday, June 25, 2000: Breakfast, Closing Function

The College of Nursing celebrated their 60th Anniversary with an All Years' Reunion June 26-28, 1998.

They enjoyed a weekend of reminiscing and catching-up with former classmates and faculty. Their activities included a Friday night registration/social downtown, a coffee party and tours on campus Saturday, followed by a lunch at the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel. That evening, they joined the other reunion groups for a banquet at the Centennial Auditorium. A farewell brunch concluded the festivities Sunday morning. Thank you to all those that participated in the reunion activities and special thanks to the many volunteers who made it a great success! Unfortunately, we weren't able to include all of the reunion photos.

1958 Diploma Nursing

Back Row (left to right): Betty Kavanagh (Coombes); Bev Beatty (Grant); Marianne McKinnon (Deutscher); Evelyn Fisher (Dewar/Bergsteinsson); Joan McFarlane (Syer); Carole Schriek (Koeferle); Dorothy Usher (Winteringham); Shirley Checkley (Adams); Lois Yasinko (Janusson); Merilyn Lambert (McAlpine); Pat Berg (Baird); Darlene Hamilton (Wagner); Pat Henick (Hodgson); Dorothy Taylor (Seib); Lynn Stark (Holland); Joanne Pashkowich (Pipp);

Front Row (left to right): Linda Kizan (Brommeland/McDonald); Shirley Larson (Dean); Barbara Neufeld (Coleman); Shirley Patola (Collinge); Pat Gulak (Calwell); Lorraine Hiebert (Thibodeau); Joyce Thompson (Nason); Joyce Walker (Coakwell); Jacquie Blevins (Hodges/Najdziak); Shirley Smith (Hooey); Eileen Carlson (Mohr).

1958 Degree Nursing

Back Row (left to right): Dorothy Korol (Duch); Eileen Aylesworth (McKinnon); Donna MacDonald (Tomilin); Eve Strain (Chlopan); Sandra Earl (Stevenson); Muriel McIver (Brunt); Carey Sparling (Klotz); Doreen Haaland (Westbrook);

Front Row (left to right): Pat Lysyk (Kinnon); Kay Phillips (Keddie); Mary Marjory Keith (MacKenzie); Mary Scrivens (Morrison); Marie Schall (Goos); Bernice Junk (Sokol)

1968 Degree Nursing

Back Row (left to right): Diane Bunnell (Foster), Margaret Ann Wilson (Ruse), Mary MacDonald, Marcy Benson, Elaine Anne Mazier Maksymiuk

Front Row (left to right):Grace McEwen (McAfee), Bonnie Schoenfeld (Bell), Marlene Weese (Straub), Edna Steckham (Stuehler), Bonnie Nygren (Milne), Jean Miller (Quine).

1968 Diploma Nursing

Back Row (left to right):Beverly Muench (Sherwin), Patricia Wirth (Endel), Donna Van Vliet (Goodman), Linda McCann (Gregor), Thelma Inkson (Moskal)

Front Row (left to right): Blanche Richards (Forbes), Caroll Spence (Nord), Edith Griffith (Johnson), Bonnie Langland (Jolly), Darlene Heald (Tindall)

1977 Degree Nursing

Back Row (left to right): Janet Lavoie, Wendy Huculak, Brenda Anderson (Schmalz), Mavis Beck (Martinson), Charlotte Hamilton, Ellen Shatilla, Linda Klein (Nell), Jill Werle (McGillivray)

Front Row (left to right):Peggy Kalancha (Anderson), Bonnie Bowes, Sandra McCullough (Lansberry), Lynnda Berg (Seidle), Susan Yuzik (Smith), Jackie Shaw (Kutz), Bonnie Blenner-Hassett (Penson)

Alumni Branches

For an up to date list of Alumni Branches, check our website at or call (306) 966-5186 or 1-800-699-1907

Alumni Reunion Weekend '99 "Where your past comes alive in '99", June 25-27

Plans are well underway for Alumni Reunion Weekend '99. Arrangements have been made, invitations have gone out, but we need YOU to make it a great success! Plan now to join us June 25-27, 1999-a time to reacquaint yourself with the U of S and with former classmates and faculty. See you in June!

Groups Celebrating reunions at Alumni Reunion Weekend '99:

* All-Colleges' 1939, 1949, 1959, 1974

* 1954 Degree Agriculture

* St. Thomas More College: Classes of 1939, 1949, 1959, 1974;

* All Years' Flegel House Residence Reunion; All Years Sisters of Service Residence Reunion

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