1997-98 Annual Fund Donors (A to G)

The Annual Fund is a yearly appeal to raise private support for scholarships, student aid, equipment & technology upgrades and a variety of other priority needs at the University of Saskatchewan. Thanks to the generosity of almost 6,000 University alumni and friends, the Annual Fund and its related annual giving programs have raised over $791,000 in the past fiscal year for student needs and priority initiatives.

The University is honored to pay tribute to the following individuals who made gifts to the Annual Fund* between May 1, 1997 and April 30, 1998. We also wish to thank those who have chosen to give anonymously.

For more information about the Annual Fund or to inquire about making a contribution to the 1999 campaign please call the Alumni & Development Office at 1-888-293-1907 or (306) 966-7910, or email: alumni.office@usask.ca You may also visit our website: http://www.usask.ca/alumni/support/howtomakeagift/annualfund/


A.C. Abbey, D.R. Abbey, F.S. Abbott, T.L. Abel, W.H. Abel, D.M. Abraham, G.L. Abrahamson, T.J. Abrametz, N.A.R. Abramson, D.M. Abrosimoff, L.L. Achtemichuk, F.M. Acton, J.M. Acton, W.S. Acton, V. Adamko, B.W. Adams, B.E. Adams, J. Adams, J.B. Adams, M.R. Adams, M.I. Adams, P.L. Adams, E.R. Adamson, W.G. Addie, A.J. Addison, G.A. Adnam, J. Adolph, D.F. Adolphe, R.G. Ager, M.D. Agnish, N.D. Agnish, D.W. Ahner, I.A. Ahner, S.P. Ahuja, C.R. Aikens, H.J. Aitken, V.G. Aitken, K.E. Akins, M.H. Akister, L.C.A. Albert, E.M. Alberton, W.C. Albrecht, K. Alcock, H.D. Aldous, D.G.G. Alford,B.W. Allan, K.R. Allan, M.L. Allan, R.W. Allan, R.W. Allen, R.D. Allen, R.H. Allen, W.F. Allen, P.J. Allewell, B.M. Allison, R.A. Allison, W.L. Allison, R.D. Altrogge, D.B. Altwasser, J.S. Ambler, D.E. Ambros, E.R. Ambrose, M.A. Ames, J.D. Amiss, L.A. Amy-McCracken, T. Anaka, B.C. Anderson, B.B. Anderson, B.M. Anderson, C.G. Anderson, C.B. Anderson, D.R. Anderson, D.B. Anderson, D.P. Anderson, E.M. Anderson, G.L. Anderson, J. Anderson, ,J.R. Anderson, J.R. Anderson, L.E. Anderson, M.G. Anderson, M.A. Anderson, O.M. Anderson, P.F. Anderson, S.L. Anderson, C.A. Anderst, A.M. Andree, B.A. Andres, E.N. Andres, C.G. Andrews, C.J. Andrews, R.N. Andrews, T.C. Andrews, Y.R.S. Andrews, L.D. Andrychuk, K.E. Andvaag, A.R. Anholt, C.D. Annable, G.G. Annand, D.M. Ansley, G.A. Antaya, P.F. Antonaides, R.H. Antonichuk, W.R. Antosh, R.J. Antymniuk, J.D. Aplevich, G.R. Appel, A.J. Arcand, J.R.O. Archambault, J.H. Archer, R.D. Archibald, W.J.B. Arcus, T.W. Ardell, S.E. Arliss, M. Armanious, J.H. Armitage, J.C. Armitage, B.A. Armstrong, C.M. Armstrong, G.G. Armstrong, G.M. Armstrong, G.H.M. Armstrong, H.P. Armstrong, A.L. Arnason, D.J. Arnason, E.V. Arndt, R.D. Arndt, C.M. Arnold, D.L. Arnold, G.A. Arnold, P.D. Arnold, G.N. Arnott, D.A. Arnst, D.H. Arnstead, H.R. Arscott, R.R. Arscott, S. Arscott, R.W. Arthur, O.K. Aschim, N.H. Ascroft, J.M. Aseltine, R.E. Ashburner, M.S. Ashley, M.S. Asmuss, D.L.J. Assie, K.M. Assie, D.H. Ast, F.F. Atkinson, T.G. Atkinson, D.F. Au, I.G. Auld, W.M. Auld, C.C. Avery, E.I. Avery, J.F.G. Avery, E. F. Avis, D.C. Avram, L.P. Avram, A.D. Axelson, E.M. Aylesworth, M.A. Ayotte


S.D.J. Baber, L.A.B. Babiuk, R.B. Babki, R.F. Babki, M.P. Bachynski, W.M. Backlund, L.C. Backman, C.A. Bacon, G.C. Bacon, G.B. Bacon, M.L. Bacon, H. Baenziger, S. Baerg, A.M. Baerwald, K.W. Baglole, B.W. Bailey, I.C. Bailey, R.M. Bailey, W.S. Bailey, W.C. Bailey, R.M. Baillie, R.A. Baillie, S.C. Baird, B.L. Baker, B.L. Baker, G. Baker, H.M. Baker, K.R. Baker, P.L. Baker, R.J. Baker, W.G. Baker, W.F. Baker, W.R. Baker, B.A. Bakker, C.M. Bakule, R. Balcom, K.J. Balcombe, M.R. Baldock, F.M. Baldry, D.G. Baldwin, H.R. Baldwin, S.M. Baldwin, H.M. Balfour, F.E. Ball, H.F. Ball, R.H. Ball, N.S. Ballagh, J.L. Ballantyne, F.M. Baller, P.J. Balogh, V. Balon, L.L. Balon-Smith, L.C. Banfield, J.E. Bannatyne-Cugnet, D.P. Bannerman, L.B. Bannicke, J.R. Bannister, R.J. Bannister, C.L. Barber, G.A. Barber, H.D. Barber, J.P. Barber, S.A. Barber, L. Barcelona, R.E. Barclay, S.L. Barclay, W.G. Barclay, V.J. Bardwell, M.A. Baribeau, M.J. Baribeau, J.R. Barkasy, G.R. Barkway, F.G.G. Barnes, J.M. Barnsley, S.A. Barnsley, R.J. Baron, M. Barrados, E.S. Barriger, J.L. Barron, R.L. Barsky, D.R. Bartel, W.J. Bashforth, R.G. Basler, J.S. Basran, K.L. Basran, K.A. Bassendowski, C.L. Bateman, R.L. Bates, B.A. Batty, M.R. Batty, D.J.J. Baudais, M.E.F. Baudais, C.E. Baumann, L.C. Baumgart, J.L. Baumgartner, C.L. Baun, D.A. Baxter, H.L. Baxter, J.H. Baxter, R.K. Baxter, H.W. Baynton, B.I.A. Bays, N.R. Bays, K.P. Bazin, A.A. Beach, G.A. Beach, M.M. Beach, B. Beaglehole, E.S. Beamish, H.C. Bear, J.H. Beardsworth, S.R. Bearss, A.Y. Beaton, E.M. Beaton, J.F.E. Beattie, M.E. Beattie, R.G. Beatty, R.N. Beatty, T.J. Beatty, G.E. Beauchesne, M. Beauregard, C.W. Bech-Hansen, E.A. Beck, G.T. Beck, L.P. Beck, M. Beck, E.V. Becker, H.A. Becker, M.J.C. Becker, J.N. Beckett, K.N. Beckie, T.M.D. Beckie, V.G.N. Beckie, J.A. Beckman, J.R. Beckman, R.C. Begg, T.A. Beggs, A.M. Behm, P.E. Beler, C.E. Bell, D. Bell, G.M. Bell, K.E. Bell, M.C. Bell, S.T. Bell, T.K. Bell, R.J. Bellamy, D.A.J. Belliveau, A.L. Belsheim, D.R. Belsher, R.L. Belsher, A.P. Belyk, L.M. Benfield, H.G. Benjamin, S.F. Benjamin, F.E. Bennee, B.K.A. Bennett, G.D. Benning, L.R. Benning, M.M. Benning, P.M.J. Benning, R.L. Benning, J.L. Benoit, D.K. Benson, H.A. Benson, M.L. Benson, T.J. Benson, A.E. Bentley, B.H. Bentley, R.N. Bentley, B.A. Beresh, L.A. Beresnak, D.R. Berezan, M.J. Berg, P.D. Berg, V.L. Berg, F.N. Berge, B.J. Bergen, H. Bergen, M.B. Bergen, W.E. Bergen, S. Berger, J.W. Bergh, R.M. Bergstrom, E.M. Berlie, L.K. Bernbaum, A.W.J. Bernhard, M.T. Bernier, E.L. Berry, M.Y. Berry, V.H. Berry, R.J. Berscheid, T.M. Berscheid, R.L. Berthiaume, H.E. Bertouille, M.D. Berwick, K.J. Beskal-Melville, H.L. Beskowiney, H.R. Beswick, M.M. Betker, K.R. Betts, G.B. Beuker, D.S. Bevan, H.E. Bevan, J.L. Bevan, R.K. Bhargava, A. Bharmal, P.K. Bhattacharya, R.F. Bialek, D.R. Biden, A.P. Bidulka, G.W. Bieber, M.E. Bieber, L.M.M. Bielka, H. Bienert, R.J. Bigsby, M.S. Bilawchuk, M. Bildfell, C.W. Bildstein, B.J.L. Biliske, C.A. Biller, D.S. Billett, H. Bily, D.G. Bing-Wo, R. Bing-Wo, L.C. Bingham, L.J. Bingham, M.J. Binkley, V.M. Binkley, F.B. Birch, V.J. Birchall, C.D. Bird, H.G. Bird, K.C. Bird, V.A. Bistritz, L.B. Bittner, R.A.E. Bittner, L.M. Bixby, L.E. Bjorgan, M. Black, W.R. Black, J.R. Blacklock, M.C. Blacklock, P.M. Blacklock Linn, A.T. Blackwell, L.A. Blair, R. Blair, P.E. Blakeley, D.J. Blakley, E.R. Blakley, A.R. Blanchard, G.A. Blanchette, M. Bleakney, R.H. Blechinger, B.L. Blenner-Hassett, V.R. Blenner-Hassett, J.C. Block, V.G. Blount, S.A. Blyth, D.O. Bobyn, H.L. Bobyn, D.A. Bocking, C.D. Bode, J. Bodenstab, K.D. Bodnar, M.P. Bodnar, R.E. Bodnar, A. Body, A.M. Boechler, R.A. Boechler, B.G. Boese, G.N. Boese, K.J. Bohn, J.M. Boissonneault, B.D. Boisvert, J.B. Bole, R.H. Bole, C.A. Bolen, D.E. Bollefer, M.J. Bollefer, D.H. Bollman, W.W. Bolonchuk, R.C. Bolt, J.R. Bolton, J.H. Bond, E.R. Bone, G.M. Bone, R.W. Bone, S.D. Bonertz, T.A. Bonertz, C.A. Bonli, D.T. Bonli, S.I. Bonny, K.M. Booth, M. Booy, R.L. Borden, B.A.C. Boreen, C.J. Bornstein, J. Borsa, R.R. Borstmayer, G.G. Borycki, P.F. Boryski, H.J. Bosche, P.L. Boschman, G.K. Bose, W.I. Bosner, J.H. Bosomworth, W.J. Bossons, C.P. Bot, A.G. Botham, G.C. Botham, R. Bothner, M.D. Bottcher, G.R. Boughton, J.C. Boughton, M. Boultbee, C.E. Boulter, M.R. Bouphaphanh, P. Bouphaphanh, F.M. Bourassa, L.E. Bourassa, M.J. Bourassa, D.J. Boutin, H.A. Bowers, I.D. Bowie, E.J. Bowler, D.M. Bowman, R.C. Bowman, K.E. Bowren, R.G. Boxall, E.C. Boychuk, D.B. Boyd, G.M. Boyd, J.F. Boyd, M.L. Boyd, M.A. Boyd, M.S. Boyd, G.L. Boyer, S.L. Boyer, J.J. Boyko, P.L. Boyko, N.E. Boyle, P.L. Boyle, E.H. Bozak, K.M. Braaten, R.H. Brace, R.L. Bracken, B.A. Bradley, D.W.L. Bradley, M.E.. Bradley, J.A. Bradshaw, L.J. Bradstock, B.C. Braithwaite-Lee, D.M. Bramwell, S.T. Bramwell, B.J. Brand, M.S. Brander, G.W. Brandt, G.J.T. Brandt, H.G. Brant, M.L. Brant, A. Braun, C.W. Braun, E.R. Braun, P. Braun, R.I. Braun, L.M. Bray, T. Brcic, B. Breadner, A. Bredahl, J.F. Breker, J. Breker, L.I. Bremner, C.I. Brent, E.E. Bresch, W.J. Breslin, R.C. Brewer, R.A. Briant, J.E. Brice, R.W. Brice, W.D. Brice, W.J. Brice, J.L. Bridge, C.L. Brierley, V.A. Briggs, B.L. Bright, D.B. Bright, R.W. Bright, J.M. Brignall, D.A. Briske, E.M. Britton, A.L. Broadfoot, E.L. Broberg, P.M. Broberg, T.M. Brock, P.M. Brockman, D.A. Brockmann, M.C. Broderick, R. Brodsky, H.E. Brooker, D.P. Brooks, J.R. Brooks, R.A. Brooks, B.J. Brossart, C.T. Broughton, C.J. Brounstein, M. Brounstein, E.M. Browder, C.W. Brown, D.C. Brown, D.M. Brown, G.W. Brown, G.M. Brown, H.D. Brown, J.P. Brown, L.S. Brown, M.L. Brown, M.L. Brown, N.H. Brown, R.J.C. Brown, R. Brown, S. Brown, V.B. Brown, N. Brown Medwid, W.L. Brownbridge, H.L. Browne, D.A. Browning, R.L. Brownridge, D.L. Bruce, G.A. Bruce, T.L. Brunas, D.D. Brunskill, H.G. Bryce, T.M. Buch, W.E. Buchan, D.R. Buchanan, O.M. Buchanan, E. Buchholz, I.J. Buchko, O. Buchko, L.A. Buchner, R.S. Buckland, S.L. Buckwold, W. Buehler, B.L. Buell, T.W. Buglas, P.G. Buglass, L.J. Buhler, T.N. Bui, K.E. Buitenhuis, A. Bulani, M.J. Bull, P.R. Bullock, W.R. Bullock, V.J. Bunce, J.R. Bundon, D.R. Bundy, G.J. Biggs, B.L. Bright, D.B. Bright, R.W. Bright, J.M. Brignall, D.A. Briske, E.M. Britton, A.L. Broadfoot, E.L. Broberg, P.M. Broberg, T.M. Brock, P.M. Brockman, D.A. Brockmann, M.C. Broderick, R. Brodsky, H.E. Brooker, D.P. Brooks, J.R. Brooks, R.A. Brooks, B.J. Brossart, C.T. Broughton, C.J. Brounstein, M. Brounstein, E.M. Browder, C.W. Brown, D.C. Brown, D.M. Brown, G.W. Brown, G.M. Brown, H.D. Brown, J.P. Brown, L.S. Brown, M.L. Brown, M.L. Brown, N.H. Brown, R.J.C. Brown, R. Brown, S. Brown, V.B. Brown, N. Brown Medwid, W.L. Brownbridge, H.L. Browne, D.A. Browning, R.L. Brownridge, D.L. Bruce, G.A. Bruce, T.L. Brunas, D.D. Brunskill, H.G. Bryce, T.M. Buch, W.E. Buchan, D.R. Buchanan, O.M. Buchanan, E. Buchholz, I.J. Buchko, O. Buchko, L.A. Buchner, R.S. Buckland, S.L. Buckwold, W. Buehler, B.L. Buell, T.W. Buglas, P.G. Buglass, L.J. Buhler, T.N. Bui, K.E. Buitenhuis, A. Bulani, M.J. Bull, P.R. Bullock, W.R. Bullock, V.J. Bunce, J.R. Bundon, D.R. Bundy, G.J. Bunz, W.L. Burbridge, G.M. Burden, R.J. Burechailo, , J.R. Burgess, K.B. Burgess, N.E. Burgess, W.J. Burgess, D.A. Burke, D.G. Burke, T.A. Burke, P.J. Burke Thornton, M.I. Burke-Gaffney, L.E. Burkell, C.J. Burks, T.L. Burnham,A. Burns, C.L. Burns, R.A. Burns, W.T. Burns, B.F. Burnyeat, R.M. Burrell, G.V.M. Burroughs, H.N. Burrows, D.A. Burry, G.C. Bursey, E.M. Burton, R.R. Burton, W.R. Burton, M.R.M. Burtt, D.R.W. Bury, M.V. Busch, W.E. Busch, E.F.G. Busse, J.F. Butel, K.H. Butler, P.M. Butler, R.B. Butler, W.G. Butler, D.K. Butt, D.L. Buttazoni, R.J. Butterley, G.M. Buxton, W.W. Buxton, J.A. Buzowetsky, K.E. Byam, V.J. Byam, M.K. Byrnes


A.B. Cabral, K.B. Cadieux, A.A.J. Cadrin, P.P. Cadrin, J.T. Caffrey, R.B. Cairns, J.L.A. Caley, W.K. Callander, C.D. Calver, A.G. Cameron, A.C. Cameron, D.L. Cameron, D.W. Cameron, G.E. Cameron, J.H. Cameron, M.R. Cameron, A.S.L. Campbell, D.N. Campbell, I.D. Campbell, J.B. Campbell, J.L. Campbell, J.N. Campbell, J.D. Campbell, J.E. Campbell, R.W. Campbell, V.E. Campbell, E.B. Canitz, S.L. Canitz, L.B. Cannon, M.C. Cannon, N.A. Caragata, D.C. Carberry, I.J. Cardinal, E.S. Cardwell, R.G. Cariou, B.A. Carlson, E.Y. Carlson, K.M. Carlson, K.L. Carlson, L.I. Carlson, R.C. Carlson, B.L. Carnie, R.E. Carpani, D.L. Carpenter, L.J. Carrier, C.I. Carroll, D. Carson, M.M. Carson, W.T. Carson, G.W. Carter, C.M. Carton, J.D. Cassidy, L.P. Cassidy, G.J. Castelli, G. Castillo, D.A. Caswell, J.A. Caswell, M.I.E. Caswell, W.S. Caswell, L.M. Cathcart, D.L. Cathro, R.W. Cator, B.I. Causley, D.I. Cawood, Y.H.G. Chaban, C.J. Chabot, E.W. Chadler, B.E. Chambers, W.F. Chamney, E.K. Chan, K.S. Chan, L.Y.C. Chan, L.G. Chan, M.Y. Chan, S. Chan, B.L. Chapman, D.L.T. Chapman, G.E. Chapman, M.E. Chapman, R.P. Chapman, W.A. Chapman, A.G. Chapman Heinemeyer, B.W. Chappell, E.L. Chappell, D.W. Charabin, G.W. Charanduk, G.B. Charlebois, M.A. Charlebois, D.M. Charles, C.J. Charnetski, R.J. Charpentier, D.M. Chase, E.B. Chase, L.H. Chater, L.D. Chauvin, W.M. Chayka, S. Cheliak, M.M. Cherniak, C.N. Chernoff, J.R. Cheston, R.M. Chetty, J.K.W. Cheung, R.M. Chevalier, N. Cheveldayoff, D.A. Child, J.T. Chim, D.V. Chipperfield, D.M. Chisholm, F.D. Chisholm, F.R. Chisholm, I.S. Chisholm, M.W. Chisholm, R.D. Chisholm, R.N. Chisholm, C. Chiu, N. Chiu, V.S. Chivers-Wilson, C.F. Chlopan, J.D. Chodzicki, K.P.T. Chorney, N. Chorney, S.M. Chorney, I. Chorneyko, J.W.C. Chow, W.Q. Chow, G. Choy, A.J.L. Christ, L.J. Christ, D.M. Christensen, R.W. Christensen, R.E. Christmas, P.L. Chubb, J.L. Chudiak, D.J. Chura, B.E. Churchill, L.L. Churko, A.T. Chwang, W.A. Chykowski, J.W. Cinnamon, W.J. Cinnamon, F.B. Clare, H.H. Clare, R.M. Clare, A.L. Clark, A.M. Clark, B.A. Clark, B.C. Clark, D.R. Clark, G.H. Clark, G.R. Clark, G.J.M. Clark, H.F. Clark, I.M. Clark, J.C. Clark, J.F. Clark, W.L. Clark, A.M. Clarke, A.B. Clarke, C.C. Clarke, D.H. Clarke, D.W. Clarke, J.M. Clarke, R.D. Clarke, R.J. Clarke, R.L. Clarke, S.L. Clarke, W.J. Clarke, L.W. Clausen, R.J. Clausen, A.T. Clayson, A.J. Clayton, J.W. Clayton, O.M. Clayton, P.A. Clein, E.A. Clelland, M.S. Clement, R.D. Cleveland, J.L. Climenhaga, E.H. Cline, T.K. Close, C.A. Closson, P.H. Coad, J.W. Coates, W.H. Coates, C.E. Cobbe, D.E. Coburn, B.K. Cochran, I.M. Cochran, L.E. Cochran, W.M. Cochran, R.J. Cocks, R.W. Code, V.O. Coffey, R.J. Coghlan, M.A.H. Coghlin, J.A. Coldwell, I.D. Cole, M.E. Cole, N.M. Cole, T.F. Cole, B.K. Collacott, V. Collard, D.R. Collins, E.G. Collins, J.M. Collins, M.J. Collins, N.G. Collins, M.H. Colman, B.J. Colpitts, W.F. Colpitts, L.M. Colton, S.J. Colville, N. Colvin, M.A. Comeau, J.K. Comer, R.F. Comstock, D.C. Conacher, E.G. Conacher, R.C. Condon, J.E.G. Conger, J.N. Conkin, J.M. Conly, S. Connelly, D.G. Connick, A.R. Connoly, V.M.E. Connors, E.L. Conrad, C.A.M. Cook, J.J. Cook, C.C. Cooke, D.Y. Cooke, G. Cooke, M.O. Cooke Garvie, D.R. Coolican, E.R. Coomber, G.A. Cooper, R.D. Cooper, R. Cooper, R.P. Cooper, W.R. Cooper, J.A. Copeck, D.A. Coquet, R.P. Coquet, G.A. Cork, D.V. Cormack, R.A. Cormack, J.L. Corrigall, P.J. Corrigan, S.L. Corrigan, B.D. Cory, C.O. Cory, D. Cotcher, G.W. Coueslan, J.G. Coulter, W.D. Court, C.M. Courtice, J.C. Courtice, J.M. Coutts, K.L. Coutts, K.P. Coutu, D.E. Couturier, D.E. Covey, G.L. Cowan, R.B. Cowan, R.M. Cowper, D.A. Cox, N.W.E. Cox, E.C.M. Coxworth, C.T. Craddock, C.A. Craig, B.J. Cram, R.W. Cram, F.L. Crandell, R.D. Crane, D.J. Cranston, G.A. Crawford, W.H. Crebo, J.D. Criton, K.M. Crocker, K.R. Cromwell, R.J. Cronk, P.A. Cropper, C. Cross, G.A. Cross, J.V. Cross, K. Cross, A.M. Crossley, M.F.O. Crossley, L.G. Crossman, D.R. Croteau, B.E. Crow, J.W. Crowell, G.W. Cruikshank, L.D. Cruise, K.M. Cubbon, K.D. Cubbon, G.D. Cuddington, L.F. Cudney, M.V. Cuelenaere, J.R. Cullham, J.R. Cullham, K.M. Culliton, D.W. Cumming, J.F. Cumming, J.H. Cumming, R.B. Cumming, L.V. Cundall, R.B. Cundy, J.R. Cunningham, K.G.A. Cunningham, S.M. Cunningham, D.G. Curliss, A. Curran, J.M. Curran, A.L. Currie, D.W. Currie, D.B. Currie, E.R. Currie, K.D. Currie, L.M. Currie, L.D. Currie, C.M. Curry, E.V. Curry, J.M. Curry, P.S. Curry, D.T. Cursons, H.M. Curtis, W.A. Curtis, W.J. Curtis, S.R. Cuthand, D.L. Cutler, C.W. Cutts, S.N. Cutts, R.H. Czemeres, R.S.E. Czemeres


D.L. Dabbs, K.M. Dabbs, A.R. Dahl, G.L. Dakin, I.A.C. Dallas, W.R. Dallow, G.B. Dalshaug, L.D. Dalton, R.T. Dalzell, P.S. Damon, J. Dang, C.Y. Daniels, K.P. Daniels, M. Danvers, D.E. Darby, W. Darcovich, B.C. Darke, G.H. Dash, W.J. Davern, K.M. David, B.A. Davidson, D.A. Davidson, L.E. Davidson, A.E. Davies, L.E. Davies, N.E. Davies, B.A. Davis, C.A. Davis, G.H. Davis, M.T. Davis, M.I. Davis, R.F. Davis, T.L. Davis, G.B. Davison, R.J. Davison, J.F. Dawe, T.A. Dawson, P.A. Day, S.L. Day, T.J. Day, A.M. de la Gorgendiere, M.C.G. de la Gorgendiere, L.A. De Yaegher, C.A. DeBelser-Mayson, R.H. DeRuiter, D.F. DeWarle, G.R.E. Dean, N.M. Dean, W.J. Dean, J.A. Dechief, E.F. Deck, J.A. Deck, R.M. Decker, S.W. Decksheimer, L.E. Deering, S.J. Degenstein, T.M. Del Bigio, M.E. Delahey, D.W. Delainey, M.E. Delanghe, C.U. Delbaere, L.T.J. Delbaere, D.P. Delhomeau, S.J. Dell, E.J. Demas, A.R. Demetrick, C.W. Demetrick, J.P. Demong, G.J. den Brok, A.C. Denison, V.A. Dennis, M.B. Dennison, B.J. Denny, J.M. Denomie, R.W. Denson, R.M. Denton, R.L. Denton, G.J. Derbowka, R.M. Derbowka, T.L. Derbyshire, R.R. Derdall, W. Derkach, K.K. Derksen, R.P. Derksen, L.P. Deshaye, H.E. Deutsch, J.A. Deutscher, R.R. Deutscher, D.S. Devenny, J.D. Devine, K.N. Devlin, B.E.G. Dewar, D.M. Dewey, P.J. Dewey, J.E. Deyell, M.J.T. Diakuw, D.R. Dibb, B.L. Dick, J.C. Dick, V.R. Dickie, A.M. Dickin, B.C. Dickin, R.A. Dickinson, E.C. Diehl, J.J. Dierker, H.A. Dietrich, T.A. Dietrich, B.G. Difley, S.L. Difley, W.M. Diggle, K.M. Dimen, M.C. Dinter-Lipinski, I.D.H. Disbery, R.G. Dittmer, B.L. Dixon, C.E.M. Dixon, O.A. Dixon, W.R. Dixon, J.R. Dmytryshyn, J.A. Dobchuk, D.W. Dodd, E.H. Dodds, R.A. Dodds, J.C. Doerr, K.A. Doherty, M.L. Doidge, W.S. Doidge, P.J. Doig, D.A. Dolan, S.A. Dolan, T.J. Dolan, D.F. Dolter, K.J. Domashovitz, D.B. Domier, R.N. Domitruk, R.A. Donald, R.M. Donald, S.A.J. Donaldson, M.M. Donnell, R.D. Donnelly, S.J. Donnelly, M.P. Dorfman, J.A. Dorgan, R. Dorn, P. Dorval, F.A. Dosdall, L.M. Dosdall, L.T. Doshen, H.M. Dougan, D.C. Douglas, H.P. Douglas, R.D. Douglas, D.L. Dow, H.J. Dow, M.C.G. Dow, D.N. Dowdeswell, V.E. Dowdeswell, D.E. Dowling, F.D. Dowling, S.L. Down, C.G.E. Downing, S.G. Downing, A.E. Downs, E.M.J. Downs, J.R. Downs, B.W. Doyle, E.M. Draganuk, E.W. Dravnieks, J.M. Drayton, R.J. Dreveny, K.W. Drever, D.V. Drewe, R.B. Drewry, A.A. Driedger, D.J. Driedger, J. Driedger, L.M. Drinkwater, J.P. Drope, R.M. Drope, B.W. Drosdovech, M.E. Drosdovech, G.S. Drysdale, W. Dube, M.J. Dubois, E.J. Dudar, E.J.C. Dudley, E.J. Dueck, R.N. Dueck, N.R.J. Duerr, J.G. Duff, G.E. Duggleby, T.A. Dumelie, A.E. Dumont, C.H. Duncan, D.K. Duncan, D.J. Duncan, M.I. Duncan, R.L. Duncan, R.A. Duncan, L.F. Dunkley, J.D. Dunlop, M.K. Dunlop, H.M. Dunn, J.H.W. Dunn, M.E. Dunn, M.F. Dunn, L.C. Dunwald, S.J.D. Durand, M.M. Durant, A.I. Duthie, W. Dutka, W.J. Dutka, A. Dyck, F.B. Dyck, I.G. Dyck, J. Dyck, L.R. Dyck, P.J. Dyck, S.A. Dyck, A.E. Dyke, D.J. Dymond, A.W. Dyok, G.A. Dyok, J.C. Dyok


M.A. Eager, R.L. Eager, J.M. Early, S.A. Early, B.A. Eatock, I.R. Ebbels, W.D. Ebbels, W.R. Ebbitt, G.M. Ebenal, E.G. Echlin, B.F. Eckel, C.A. Eckel, L.M. Eckel, M.A.L. Eckenfelder, K.P. Eddy, M.E. Edmonds, D.W Edmunds, R.H. Edmunds, C.F. Edwards, C.A. Edwards, D.A. Edwards, H.W. Edwards, R.W. Edwards, R.G. Edwards, R.B. Edwards, W.A. Edwards, D. Eftoda, M.G. Egnatoff, D.C. Einarson, H.R. Eisenhauer, D.T. Elder, L.D. Elder, M.J. Elder, H.A. Eley, R.N. Eliason, J.E. Ellefson, S.G. Ellefson, P.D. Ellingson, B.W. Elliott, C.R. Elliott, C.A.S. Elliott, C.G. Elliott, D.M. Elliott, E.G. Elliott, M.R. Elliott, P.M. Elliott, R.R. Elliott, V.F. Elliott, G.L.T. Ellis, J.W. Ellis, G.M. Ellwood, W.A. Elmgren, C.A. Elsey, M.E. Elsey, O.D. Elviss, T.J. Emerson, M.A. Emmerson, J.L. Emond, K.H. Eng, E.B. English, W.M. Englot, D.E. Enns, G.J. Enright, H. Ens, M.A. Ens, O. Ens, D.D. Epp, D.H. Epp, M.G. Epping, O.M. Erb, R.W.D. Erhardt, N.H. Erichsen, C.F. Erickson, D.M. Erickson, G.A. Erickson, H.I. Erickson, M.I. Erickson, S.L. Erickson, S.E. Erickson, K.E. Erman, A.M. Evans, K.P. Evans, L. Evans, N.G. Evans, R.M. Evans, R.A. Evans, A.H. Evenson, E.W. Everitt, B.P. Ewanchuk, D.A. Ewart, R.S. Ewen, D.J. Ewert, J.A. Ewing


W.M. Fahie, A.M. Fahl, D. Fahselt, M. Faigen, J.R. Fair, C.D. Fairburn, R.B. Falconer, P.A. Falk, G.M. Falkenstein, J.D. Fanthorpe, W.J. Farago, K.A. Fard, D.W. Farley, J.S. Farley, W.M. Farley, P.S. Farmer, D.A. Farnell, E.E. Farnell, S.M. Farrant, B.H. Fast, D.J. Fast, J.E.J. Faubert, D.J. Fauser, L.R. Fawcett, M.R. Faye, F.R. Fea, W.G. Feader, M.E. Fedoroff, S. Fedoroff, R.M. Fedoruk, S.O. Fedoruk, M. Feldman, K.B. Feltin, D. Feng, G.T. Fennell, I.D. Fennig, J.S. Fenrich, P.D. Fenske, R.A. Fenton, G.T. Fenwick, J.M. Fenwick, K.D. Fenwick, A.C. Ferguson, J.M. Ferguson, R.R. Ferguson, S.M. Fergusson, L.E. Ferns, D.B. Ferraton, B.J.M. Ferre, T.W. Ferris, S.M. Feschuk, J.L. Festival, L.L. Few, J.E. Field, T.W.M. Field, J.M.A. Fielden, D.H. Filson, R.N. Filson, M.H. Finch, G.R. Finell, M.V. Finell, S.M. Finell, G.F. Fink, L.J. Fink, A.A. Finlay, H.D. Finlay, C.M. Finlayson, J.V. Finley, R.G. Finley, S. Finnie, S.M. Finnie, R.J. Fior, M.J. Firman, L.S. Fischer, B.L. Fisher, J.I. Fisher, K.A. Fisher, L.J. Fisher, R.J. Fisher, M.J. Fitzgerald, B.D. Fitzpatrick, K.M. Fitzpatrick, S.E. Fitzpatrick, E.J. Fjarlie, B.J. Fladager, H.C. Flanagan, B.D. Flaten, D.A. Flaten, G.E. Flaten, B.M. Flath, H.M. Flath, H.M.M. Flegel, A.E. Flegg, R.J. Flegg, D.K. Fleming, N.J. Flemming, L.L. Fletcher, J.E. Flett, A.L. Flood, G.P. Flood, R.J. Flower, C.G. Folden, D.P. Foley, M.C. Folinsbee Harlan, D.R. Folk, E.L. Folstad, G.M. Forbes, L.A. Forbis, H.W. Ford, M.G. Ford, K.W. Forden, R.P. Forer, R.E. Foret, M.G.E. Forgay, W.A. Forgay, E.H. Forman, B.S. Fornwald, S. Fornwald, J.A. Forrest, B.A. Forsyth, D.K. Forsyth, G.E.J. Forsyth, V.J. Forsyth, F.W. Fossey, E.M. Foster, F.J. Foster, L.L. Foster, P.M. Foster, F.J. Fournier, B. Fowke, D.V. Fowke, V.R. Fowke, V.E. Fowler, W.R. Fowler, A.A. Fox, E.P. Fox, F.J. Fox, M.L. Fox, R.E. Fradette, A.A. Frank, J.M. Franko, J.M. Frantz, D.R. Fraser, R.P. Fraser, W.W. Fraser, R.W. Freeman, F.J.H. Fredeen, H.T. Fredeen, B.W. Frederick, D.J. Frehlich, G.E. Frehlich, R.J. Frehlich, R.J. Frei, G.M. Freidin, T.R. Freistadt, N.P. Freitag, E.R. Freiter, D.L. French, J.A. French, M.F. French, R.G. Frey, R.C. Freyman, S.A. Friedman, D.E. Frier, A.W. Friesen, A.P. Friesen, C.D. Friesen, D.L. Friesen, D.F. Friesen, H. Friesen, J. Friesen, O.H. Friesen, R.B. Friesen, R.G. Friesen, A.K. Friggstad, W.A. Frischke, T.J. Frisk, P.R. Frith, W.A. Frith, G.J. Froehlich, M.L. Froehlich, E. Froese, J.P. Froese, N.E. Frost, D.A. Fugleberg, R.A. Fuller, A.M. Fulton, A.Y.T. Fung,G.H. Funke, D.G. Funkner, A.M. Fyhn


S.E. Gabriel, D.R. Gabruch, P.M. Gagnon, R.H. Gagnon, B.W. Galczyk, L.M. Galenzoski, I.M. Galipeau, R.G. Gall, M.A. Gallaway, R.J. Gallaway, G.S. Galloway, S.E. Galvin, D.L. Gamble, R.G. Gamble, P.A. Gamelin, R.W. Ganes, C.L. Ganley, E.R. Ganong, W.L. Gans, B. Garagan, L.E. Garden, T.B. Garden, J.M. Gardiner, S.R. Gardiner, D.R. Gardner, C.A. Gareau, J.F. Garman, M.K. Garner, M.W. Garnett, P.D. Gartner, D.E. Gass, G.G. Gasser, J.P. Gattinger, E.H.J. Gaudet, D.E. Gauley, R.G. Gault, L.T. Gaunt, J.R.D. Gauthier, E.W. Geall, G.F. Geck, C.A. Geddes, D.W. Geddes, K.O. Geddes, B.M. Gee-Wyers, A.M. Gelhorn, D.G. Gelhorn, V.M. Gelinas, L.W. Gelleta, L.F. Gellner, K.A. Gelmon, J.J. Gelowitz, G.D. Gen, J.B. Gendron, J.P. Genge, A.F. George, J.B. George, K.L. George, S.E. Gerbig, D.G. Gerecke, E.E.M. Gerein, H.T. Gerein, W.F. Gerein, M.R. Gerla, D.P. Gerle, P.J. Gerrand, G.R. Gerry, R.J.F. Gerstner, C.H.F. Gerwing, J.V. Getty, M.R. Getz, G. Gibbons, R.G. Gibbons, R.L. Gibbs, P.K. Giberson, B.D. Gibson, R.W. Gibson, R.G. Gibson, M.G. Giddings, G.A. Gifford, M.L. Gijzen, A.G. Gilbert, B.B. Gilbertson, F.J. Gilbertson, H.G. Gilchrist, M.K. Giles, D.R. Gill, D.V. Gill, J.W. Gill, R.W. Gillanders, C.A. Gillespie, G.L. Gillespie, L.E. Gillespie, M.A. Gillies, B.H. Gillings, D.T. Gillings, D.C. Gillis, R.J. Gilmour, R.L. Gilmour, R.C. Gilstorf, J.E. Gingell, D.L. Gingerick, H.J. Girgulis, R.J.A. Giroux, D.R. Girvan, M.A. Girvin, G. Gish, L.I. Giverhaug, D.L. Gladson, C.J. Glazer, D.N.W. Godfrey, R.E. Godin, S.L. Godwaldt, M.J. Goeres, R.A. Goeres, L.F. Gohren, E.J. Gold, L.W. Gold, M.S. Goldak, B. Goldstein, P. Goldstein, A. Golumbia, C.R. Golumbia, J.E. Golumbia, D. Goodale, D.L. Goodale, D. Goodale, P.J. Goodall, D.P. Goode, G.G. Goodfellow, K.J. Gooding, M.E. Goodman, R.H. Goodman, R.H. Goodman, A.C. Goosen, D.C. Goranson, M.F. Gorchinski, A.L. Gordon, D.A. Gordon, K.S. Gordon, R.M. Gordon, W.E. Gordon, T.H. Gorkoff, E.A. Gormley, S. Gormley, D.A. Goss, K.L. Goulard, C.D. Gould, B.M. Goulet, B.A. Graham, C.J. Graham, D.L. Graham, G.I. Graham, J.E. Graham, J.D. Graham, K.J. Graham, R.L. Graham, S.J. Graham, K.J. Granatier, L.M. Granger, M.A. Granger, V.L. Granger, Y.J.J. Granger, B.A. Grant, C.E. Grant, D.H. Grant, G.D. Grant, L.A. Grant, M.J. Grant, P.D. Grant, C.O. Grasdal, D.A. Grasley, G.W. Grass, L.G. Gravelle, D. Gray, P.D. Gray, S.J. Gray, S.L. Gray, S.L. Gray, A.E. Green, B.A.M. Green, D.H. Green, J.F. Green, D.F. Green-Laing, D.L. Greene, P.M.D. Greenough, G.H. Greenshields, E.M. Greggain, J.N. Greggain, B.A. Gregory, M.J. Gregory, B.M. Gresley-Jones, A.J. Greves, T.K. Grey, W.E. Grey, M.J. Greyeyes, E.R. Griffiths, K.R. Griffiths, M.A. Griffiths, H.R. Grigg, C.E. Grimm, T.L. Grise, E.I. Grodums, H.A. Groom, D.D. Grosch, M.B. Gross, M.H. Grossman, R.N. Grozell, E.R. Gruening, E.C. Grummisch, L.L. Grunau, C.M. Gryba, M.W. Gryba, W. Gryba, M.A. Grzybowski, E.R. Gudmundson, N.C. Guebert, E. Guenter, D.W. Guenther, R.R. Guenther, T.S. Gullason, G.C. Gullekson, H.E. Gullett, J. Gunderson, M.R. Gunderson, K.W. Gunn, V.L. Gunn, R. Guo, J.B.B. Gurian, A.M.H. Gutek, E.P. Gutek, M.D. Gutek, T.T. Gutek, J.G.G.J. Guy, P. Guzak, M.J.C. Guzik, R.A. Gyles