Editor's Note

Some families pass stories down through the generations. Some share time-tested recipes or coveted heirlooms. But when you are University of Saskatchewan alumni, you also pass on your Huskie pride, your sense of wonder, and your affection for this institution to future generations. So it's no wonder that so many alumni have a family tree whose roots are intertwined with the history of the University of Saskatchewan; attending the U of S really is a family affair.

In this issue, we had the opportunity to speak with alumni whose links to the University of Saskatchewan span generations. From one of the first graduates, Emmett Hall, whose grandchildren followed in their grandfather's footsteps in both education and action; to old friends from the College of Engineering whose kids are today following in their fathers' footsteps, this issue shows that being U of S alumni can bridge any generation gap because we all shared the same experience as students.

Well, maybe not exactly the same experience. For students on the University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team (USST), building a working space elevator and winning international competitions is probably something their predecessors never could have imagined. But alumni are behind the new generation of Engineering and Business students from the USST all the way, providing guidance and support to the team. Their partnership is explored in this issue.

Ultimately, we all hope to pass wisdom onto future generations. By sharing our experience, we allow them to dream bigger and pursue even bolder visions of excellence. In our next issue, we'll look at how the University as whole is reaching new heights, thanks to the overwhelming support of the Thinking the World of our Future campaign, which drew to a close at the end of 2007.

On the topic of generations, Luke Muller is away over the next couple months on parental leave - raising his family's own next generation, you could say. It's my great pleasure to step in as acting editor for this online version and the next issue of the Green and White in the spring. As a proud alumna of the University of Saskatchewan, I feel privileged to be able to work more closely with you- the members of my own Alumni Association. I welcome your comments and feedback at alumni.office@usask.ca.

Christy Miller (BComm'02)