President's Message

Where great minds meet.

Peter MacKinnonI'm fortunate to have been at the University of Saskatchewan long enough now to see generations of families study here. Nothing gives me more pleasure than speaking to new students at orientation, seeing these same students graduate, and then meeting them again as alumni. Even more special is when I meet children of alumni - there are students here today whose parents were students of mine when I lectured in the College of Law over 30 years ago!

Through the generations, both those I've witnessed and those before my time, one thing has remained constant: the University of Saskatchewan has always been a place where great minds meet. We celebrate pioneering minds like Walter Murray and John Diefenbaker; honour the greatest minds in research who studied or taught here, like Nobel Laureates Dr. Gerhard Herzberg and Dr. Henry Taube; and we witness leading minds in the business and political arenas, individuals like N. Murray Edwards and Premier Brad Wall. All are individuals who chose the University of Saskatchewan and in turn have gone on to shape our world.

We can also be proud of a different kind of "generation" at the University of Saskatchewan. The generation of ideas: our collective innovation and subsequent discoveries are the new hallmarks of this institution. Our world-class facilities and unique areas of study are attracting a new era of great minds to the University of Saskatchewan.

I have said on occasion that you can take the pulse of a university through its alumni, and I believe this to be true of the University of Saskatchewan. You share in the collective achievements of the institution and your fellow alumni long after you've left campus, and it is your commitment that helps the current generation of students, and fuels the generation of ideas.

Until I see you (or your children!) again, I would like to express how thankful I am for the opportunities that I have to connect with many generations of University of Saskatchewan alumni.

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Peter MacKinnon, President