Editor's Note

Derrick KunzMy daughter loves to tell stories. She likes to talk, so it is natural that stories are shared on a regular basis. She devours books that feed her healthy imagination, and she is becoming very adept at creating her own short stories. Reviewing her creative writing that was sent home before parentteacher interviews created several proud parent moments as we read comments from her teacher. Her ability to paint a picture with her words is quite impressive for an eight-year-old.

The ability to tell stories comes naturally to some, for others it requires much discipline and practice. Inherent or learned, the skills of a storyteller often give a voice to a subject that would otherwise go unheard—shed light on an individual or scenario that would otherwise remain in the shadows.

Storytelling is not limited to writers. As the pages of this issue will reveal, there are many stories waiting to be told, they just need the right person to bring life to the story. The vast array of forensic specialties attempts to do just that—tell stories that would otherwise remain silent.

Read about Lara Shychoski (BSc’02), who studies bones—of prehistoric animals and from an historic crime scene—to reveal stories that would otherwise remain buried in the soil.

Find out how Major Richard Groves (DMD’90) used his expertise as a forensic odontologist to identify victims of the tragic Swissair flight 111 crash off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Learn how Martin Kenney (LLB’83) tracks down fraudsters to bring justice to people who try hard to keep the facts permanently hidden in the shadows for financial gain.

Ross Cheriton (BE’43) shares how methodical tenacity and patience are needed to let the evidence of an accident disclose the truth it holds.

I hope you enjoy the stories contained in these pages. And as always, we would like to hear your stories. Send them to alumni.office@usask.ca.

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Derrick Kunz, BComm’96, Editor