As the commitment co-leaders for the sustainability commitment in the University of Saskatchewan’s Second Integrated Plan, we were very pleased to see sustainability featured in the latest issue of the Green and White. Unfortunately, an opportunity was missed to highlight the sustainability commitment and the significant work that is being undertaken to integrate sustainability not only into campus operations, but also into education, research, community engagement and governance. In addition, the Office of Sustainability was not mentioned; their work has been instrumental in moving the sustainability agenda forward, and they are heavily involved in the work of the sustainability commitment.

While a number of campus sustainability initiatives were listed in the issue, these didn’t capture the depth and breadth of the approach to sustainability that is being brought forward by the Sustainability Commitment Working Group, the outcome of which will be a comprehensive Campus Sustainability Plan. We are concerned that the issue of the Green and White under-represented the extent to which sustainability is changing the campus landscape. For example, the issue did not mention President MacKinnon’s recent signing of two significant documents: the University and College Presidents’ Climate Change Statement of Action for Canada and the 2010 G-8 University Summit Statement of Action on Sustainability. Both of these are significant public commitments to sustainability.

We feel that many alumni would be interested in understanding more about the extent of the activity and commitment to sustainability on campus.


Julia M. Jones (BComm’82)
Director, Finance & Administration
Facilities Management Division

Alec Aitken
Professor, Geography and Planning
College of Arts and Science

Editor’s Note: This letter has been edited for length.