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Wakaw: A Prairie Lake Town 1900-2011
(Craiglex Publishing, 2011) by Craig Brunanski (BA'67, BEd’70) In Print

Follow three families through five generations in this fact-based work of historical fiction that mixes real people and fictional characters and events to create an intimate portrait of a small prairie lake town.


Jasper History

The History of Jasper
(Summerthought Publishing, 2012) by Meghan Power (BA'02) In Print

Providing balanced coverage of the entire park’s history—from mountaineering feats to the construction of the Icefields Parkway—the panoramic story of how Jasper grew into a world-renowned destination is revealed.



(iUniverse, 2011) by Murray D. Wolfe (BComm'87) under the pseudonym W. D. Murray In Print e-book

Drawing on her own experience as a party insider and dozens of interviews with senior Liberals, Jeffrey examines the decline and decreasing support of Canada’s “natural governing party” over the past two decades.

small Business

Small Business: Journey to Success
(Academic Publishing International, 2012) by Malcolm Gordon Hunter (BComm'70) and Dan Kazakoff In Print e-book

For those about to launch a small business, who are business veterans, or are studying or researching small business, the ideas and concepts required for success over the short-, medium- and long-term are discussed and supported by relevant examples.

Finland Wedes in Michigan

Finland-Swedes in Michigan
(Michigan State University Press, 2012) by Mika Roinila (PhD’97) In Print

This first ever in-depth look at the ethnolinguistic minority of Finnish citizens with a Swedish mother-tongue living in Michigan examines their origins, immigration patterns, and unique economic, social, cultural, religious and political institutions

Making Social Change

Making Social Change
(Grafiks Publishing, 2012) by James (Jim) Hay (BE’50) and David Flynn In Print

Based on computer models, the authors propose that any social change must be in one of four states—from order to chaos—to explain why organizations respond the way they do and how they affect, and are affected by, their environment.


Temple Rain God

In the Temple of the Rain God
(Canadian Plains Research Center Press, 2012) by Garrett Wilson (BA’53, LLB’54) In Print

Told through the eyes of Charles “Irish Charlie” Wilson (Garrett’s grandfather) this personal narrative depicts the dramatic first fifty years of Saskatchewan’s history and its many successes and hardships.

Share my life

Sharing My Life - Building the Co-operative Movement
(Harold E. Chapman and the University of Saskatchewan Centre for the Study of Co-operativess, 2012) by Harold E. Chapman (BSA’43) In Print

Chapman brings alive his seven decades of experience as a co-operative organizer, policy maker, educator and activist in this memoir written to help others understand and practice co-operatives.

Birds Bugs Beasts

Birds, Bugs, and Beasts… in verses Apt to Zany
(Kingsley Publishing, 2012) by Victor Carl Friesen (BEd'61, BA'61, MA'65) In Print

Children, parents and grandparents can enjoy playful cartoons and humorous verse while discovering some unique animals on a journey from A to Z.

The Wives

The Wives: The Women Behind Russia's Literary Giants
(Pegasus Books, 2012) by Alexandra Popoff (MA'98) In Print e-book

The book tells personal stories of six women—Sophia Tolstoy, Anna Dostoevsky, Elena Bulgakov, Vera Nabokov, Nadezdha Mandelstam and Natalya Solzhenitsyn—who were behind the greatest works of Russian literature.

Wind over Marshdale

Wind Over Marshdale
(Astraea Press, 2012) by Tracy Krauss (BEd’85)e-book

There’s more to the small prairie town of Marshdale than meets the eye when a hidden evil from a supposed ancient curse resurfaces and catches the town’s new teacher in the crossfire.


Prison punishment security

Prisons, Punishment and the Pursuit of Security
(Palgrave Macmillan, 2012) by Deborah H. Drake (BA'01, MA'03) In Print e-book

Drawing on extensive qualitative research in men's long-term, maximum-security prisons in England, Drake takes a critical look at the persistent use of prisons and punishment as countries strive for greater human security

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