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Ilene Busch-Vishniac

The University of Saskatchewan was established in 1907 to serve the province and all of its people. The best way to serve Saskatchewan today, given the increasingly linked world, is to lead in globally significant areas that are of importance to our province. In agriculture, for example, a poor harvest in Saskatchewan has repercussions in countries around the world that rely on us for food. Keeping in mind these complex relationships, the U of S developed signature areas in which the university and province together are uniquely positioned to address critically important national and global issues.

As the reputation of our university and the province grows around the world, we cannot lose sight of our mandate within the borders of Saskatchewan. We still take our historical role as the University for the Province seriously and we make great effort to ensure education is accessible to all people in all corners of Saskatchewan.

Fundamentally, we all want the same things: health, happiness and prosperity. And study after study suggests that educational attainment is key to meeting those goals. One area where we must do better is in meeting the educational needs of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan has one of the highest populations of Aboriginal people in Canada, and as the founding university in the province, it is appropriate that we have the highest proportion of Aboriginal learners in Canada as well. We are committed to identifying and meeting the unique post-secondary education needs of Aboriginal people and communities.

The number of Aboriginal learners entering our school system—at all levels—is increasing and is expected to continue doing so. To achieve the highest level of success in their academic pursuits, these learners must be able to recognize themselves and their cultures in the curriculum, the places they study, the learning methods they see, and the instructors who guide their learning.

In this issue of the Green & White, you will be introduced to some of the people and initiatives at the U of S to illustrate our commitment to Aboriginal communities. These are more than simply projects at a university; together they create a vision of what post-secondary education should be and will be in our province.

We recognize the province’s diversity as well as the important role that culture plays in education. It is our hope that through our work, the U of S will help all people of Saskatchewan achieve their goals. We will lead in the area of Aboriginal learning and discovery not just because it is significant to our province, but because it is also important to communities throughout Canada and the world. This is how the University of Saskatchewan is fulfilling its historical mandate and earning its place among the eminent universities of North America.

Ilene Busch-Vishniac
Ilene Busch-Vishniac
President, University of Saskatchewan

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