Bangladeshi Students' Association at the University of Saskatchewan (BSAUS)

Welcome to BSAUS. BSAUS is a ratified social club at the University of Saskatchewan. We are here to make strong bonding & friendship among us through several activities all year round. We represent our culture and heritage at the University through different events, what we usually celebrate in our country to remember that we are not so far from our beautiful Bangladesh.

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Bangladeshi Students' Association at the University of Saskatchewan (BSAUS)

BSAUS is a social group of all the students from Bangladesh conceived with the objective to represent Bangladesh and its culture at University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

We started our journey in December 2011. We are ratified by the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) at the University of Saskatchewan since March 2012. The association aims to provide support for new Bangladeshi students as they begin their studies at the university as well as help the existing students enjoying a cheerful life in abroad.

Please see our constitution.

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Current BSAUS Executive Committee Members



Apurba Das
Department of Environment and Sustainability

VP - Administration

Sakib Mostafa
Department of Biomedical Engineering

VP - Finance

Mohammed Hasan (Sifat)
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

VP - Events

Mohammad Habibullah
Electrical & Computer Engineering

VP - Culture

Tasnuva Hossain Tropa
Department of Arts and Science

VP - Sports

Saif Al Rafi
Department of Civil Engineering

VP - Communication

Rakibul Islam Chowdhury
Department of Electrical Engineering

Previous BSAUS Executive Committees

Members Category

General Member | Alumni | Associate Member | Lifetime member

All current students, who have paid CAD 10 during their study life are termed as general member. Graduated general members will be in our organization as alumni forever. And the peopole, who are not the stdent of University of Saskatchewan but somehow affiliated with the univiersity for example- working as post doctoral fellow or any other post, spouse of a student and paid CAD 10, are our associate members.


Reception & Farewell

Annual program to welcome new Bangladeshi students and bid farewell to outgoing Bangladeshi students.

Cultural Program

We organize several programs throughout the year to represent Bangladeshi culture and heritage.

Sports Tournament

Indoor and outdoor sports: Cricket, football, badminton, carrom, cards etc. are arranged time to time.

Get-together Party

Several get together parties are arranged for the memders of BSAUS to celebrate different occassions throughout the year.

Annual Picnic

Yearly picnic is arranged for the members of Bangladeshi students' community.

Special Events

Events are organized to celebrate special days: International Mother Language Day, Bangla New Year etc.

A few recent events

Bangla New Year 2015

Reception & Farewell 2017

Intl. Mother Language Day 2018

Orunodoy - Cultural Show 2012

Picnic 2015

Sports Tournament 2017

Yearly Events

  • Fall

    BSAUS Fresher's Reception and Farewell

    BSAUS welcomes all the new Bangladeshi students of current year's session and bids farewell to recent graduated students.

  • Fall

    Esho Kheli

    An event organized by BSAUS where we play card and board games

  • Fall

    Get together parties

    BSAUS frequently organizes potluck parties

  • Winter

    Indoor tournaments

    At the height of winter, BSAUS organizes indoor games such as badminton, table tennis and footsal

  • Winter

    Pohela boishakh

    BSAUS celebrates the momentous occasion of the first day of Bengali year

  • Winter

    Trivia night

    BSAUS organizes trivia nights based on movies and tv series

  • Summer


    BSAUS celebrates the summer by organizing picnics and BBQ parties

  • Summer

    Outdoor Tournaments

    BSAUS organizes outdoor tournaments such as cricket and football

  • Summer

    Career Fest

    BSAUS promotes research of individual Bangladeshi students and organizes job fest

New Student Info

Study in University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan is a good place to study in both undergraduate and graduate programs. You can get all information about this university from website. If you want to look all the departments in undergraduate please visit Undergrad Programs, and Grad Programs for graduate departments. Here is the link for graduate admission process and for admission requirements.

New Comer Information

Congratulation to all new students who get the admissions in University of Saskatchewan, please have a look at the following information.

What you need to do once you are here

Housing & Furniture

The website where you can look for housing, furniture both new and used, and almost everything: Kijiji. Students mainly live in the East side of the city. However, many students/Bangladeshi immigrants also live in the west side/downtown area of the city.

University Housing

You can find all information regarding university housing here. You can find lots of Bangladeshi students in the university residence, so you can find this place very much suitable for you. University residence is little bit cheaper for families than anyother residence in the city. If you want to live here please apply as soon as possible. Wherever you stay, you have to pay security deposit equal to first month`s rent.


Graduate Tuition Fee is yearly around $ 6,500 including health and dental insurance & various fees. Monthly living cost for single person varies between $700 to $ 900 and for a two person family it will be between $1100 to $1400 and for a three person family including a kid will be around $ 2000 depending on living style and habit. These are all average estimates and vary person to person.

Public Transport

It is cheaper to buy 4 month-semester bus pass ($231) than monthly bus pass ($71). If you are undergrad student you will get your bus pass during your registration.


Saskatchewan have a comfortable and beautiful summer and spring, when temperature varies 5 to 30 degree C. Harsh winter period is Mid Nov - Mid March. Temperature could be near minus 40 degree C during winter with lots of snow. You can always get the weather information from or or Time difference between Bangladesh and Saskatchewan is 12 hours.

South Asian-Groceries

You can find many South Asian groceries (Swadesh, Brothers, Madina and many others) around the city, from where you will get almost all kind of traditional food and other staff. From these shops you will also get Halal meat, traditional spices and fish.

Halal Restaurants

Some of the halal restaurants are Swadesh restaurant , Meg’s restaurant, Turqyie Kebab, Afghan Kebob & Donair, Super Donair, H67 Donair, Spicy Bite, Kabab King and Mughal Diwan.

Shopping malls and Superstore

You can find many shopping malls across the Saskatoon. The famous shopping malls are Midtown Plaza, Center Mall, and Market Mall. You can also find important shops in Confederation, Stonebridge and Preston crossing areas. The shops, where you can find all most every necessary product immediately after reaching in Saskatoon for your initial setup are Real Canadian Superstore, Wall-Mart and Dollarama. For new cloths you may go to the Gap, Old Navy and Sears as well as for used staff Value Village.

Place of Mosque

Every Friday Jummah prayer is held on Education Gym in the University. The Saskatoon Islamic Centre (mosque) is located at 222 Copland Crescent, Saskatoon SK. Web site.


You may consider bringing original certificates, transcripts, calculator etc. Bring considerable amount of cash with you (better to bring in Canadian Dollar) and the amount should be around $ 1,500 or more to carry out initial set-up cost, rent, security deposit, bus pass etc. Try to come at least a week or earlier than that, before class starts.

Courtesy: Some information is taken from Mr. Nafiz’s original document.