The history department's graduate colloquium is a central part of graduate student education, a showpiece for graduate studies, and a point of pride for the department. The colloquia provide professional training for student presenters and are at the same time one of the best ways of developing a sense of community among students and faculty.

The paper may be an outline of the student's proposed research, a chapter from the thesis, or an aspect of the subject under research. The purpose is to give the student some experience in preparing and delivering a paper to an audience of faculty and other graduate students.

Attendance and presentation of a paper at the graduate colloquia comprise part of the requirement for History 990. All MA students are required to present at and attend the colloquium, and PhD students are required to attend and participate. Asking questions, providing feedback, and initiating discussion and debate are just as important to the development of students' skills as are making the presentations.

The Graduate Colloquium meets several times throughout the year to hear MA students' presentation on their current thesis research. This event provides both an academic and a social function for all graduate students and department faculty. Your attendance, participation, and support is encouraged and appreciated.

The Graduate Colloquium is an official event administered by the Department of History. General inquiries can be made to the Department's Director of Graduate Studies, Matthew Neufeld, the student liaison, Scott Silver, or for more specific questions and direction, your supervisor.

Colloquium meetings will be held in the Grad Commons, Emmanuel St. Chad Chapel. The Department will provide light refreshments.

2012-2013 MA Colloquia

February 1, 2013
Graduate Commons, 4:00 to 7:00 PM

Scott Dumonceaux

Melissa Davidson

Sarah York

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