About the Workshop:

Workshops are generally scheduled during the regular academic term. Anyone currently working on a paper is encouraged to contact the PhD Research Workshop Coordinator to schedule a workshop.

The Department encourages students at the PhD level to begin the development of their publication portfolios. To remain competitive in funding opportunities, scholarship competitions and in the job market, students are expected to publish articles stemming from research undertaken in MA and PhD programs.

However, with no outlet in place for PhD students to receive support in this endeavour, some students began developing their own group. In early 2008, a number of PhD students independently began an informal workshop as a means to attain feedback from their peers on papers they intended to submit for application.

This workshop, modeled after the Department's Faculty Research Colloquium, provides PhD students with the opportunity to present and share their research with their peers in order to get feedback, comments, criticism and discussion. More specifically, the PhD Workshop invites students to submit a drafted research paper that they plan to submit either for publication in a refereed academic journal or for presentation at an academic conference (preference, of course, is given to papers intended for publication). If time permits, students could also submit dissertation chapters. The commentary from reviewers can be on issues from simple editing and organization to larger historiographic concerns.

The setting for the workshop is intended to be an informal and friendly atmosphere where thoughts on the paper are shared with the presenter; basically, it will be the same as previous years. This allows for a friendly consideration of the paper from a variety of perspectives, both from students and invited faculty.

If you are interested in presenting a paper for the 2012-2013 academic year, please contact the Workshop Coordinator, Frances Reilly.