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    Gregg Adams named a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

    Dr. Gregg Adams has been named a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.  Nominated by peers and their institutions, fellows are selected in a highly competitive process based on their  More »

    ORH Members awarded NSERC Funding

    A recent major NSERC funding announcement at the U of S included funding awarded to several members of the One Reproductive Health Group.  Drs. Daniel MacPhee, Jaswant Singh, and Suraj Unniappan   More »

    Aging Research Highlighted in Genetics

    In most animals, the decline in fertility marks a time of pronounced rise in mortality rates, indicating that reproduction and aging are synchronized processes. How do animals sense reproduction in th  More »

    Graduate's work on testis stem cells wins Images of Research competition

    Dr. Awang Hazmi Awang Junaidi is a DVM-MVSc graduate from Malaysia and a current PhD graduate student in Dr. Honaramooz’s lab at the Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences. His work on cul  More »

    Ultrasonography and Embryo Transfer Workshops, May 7-12, 2017

    Ultrasonography and Embryo Transfer Workshops  More »

    Graduate's microscopy work makes cover of Reproduction

    Ms. Jessica Nicoletti is a recent MSc graduate from the Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences. She recently had a portion of her thesis published in the prestigious Reproductive Sciences journa  More »

    A world first: bison calves produced by IVF

    In July 2016, three bison calves were born that were produced through in vitro fertilization by One Reproductive Health researchers.  A fourth calf resulted from the transfer of frozen embryos co  More »

    Workshop report now available online

    A report from the June 2015 workshop, "Reproductive Strategies for Addressing Genetic Diveristy in Canadian Cattle and Bison," is now available online.   More »

    Can we increase reproductive lifespan?

    Reproduction relies on the continuous self renewal of stem cells in the germ line to replenish the stocks of eggs and sperm.  More »

    Study targets ergot's subclinical effects

    When a cow’s hoofs fall off, it’s a tell-tale sign of a serious ergot toxicity problem on a farm.  More »

    Nesfatin: predictor of placenta abnormalities?

    Five to 10 per cent of the world’s pregnant women end up delivering their babies early — before a full term of 37 weeks. Once they’re born, these “pre-term” babies are at  More »

    Llama research may shed light on female brain

    “She’s complicated,” explains Dr. Rodrigo Carrasco with a grin as a female llama spits to deter her would-be suitor, an eager male llama.  More »

    Preserving genetic diversity

    Muhammad Anzar, a research scientist for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, is an expert in cryopreservation — you know, freezing living matter to cheat death. His work is more careful than   More »

    Poster day celebrates undergrad research

    More than 40 students participated in the Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s 2014 undergraduate research student poster days that were held at the college on Sept. 9-10.  More »

    What makes a good egg?

    As a woman who is over 30 and childless, I can identify with other females my age who are in that inevitable countdown toward 40 and trying to decide whether we should have children before our fertili  More »