Carlos Carvalho

Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Science

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Current Graduate Students

Kunal Baxi

  • Degree sought: PhD
  • Thesis subject area: Reproductive decline regulates aging through lysosomal function.
  • Years: 2011-present

Irina Ramanandraitsiory

  • Degree sought: PhD
  • Thesis subject area: Mapping age-dependent changes in chemical signatures in C. elegans oocytes.
  • Years: 2013-present
Summer Students

Hillary Parker

  • Year 1, Pharmacy
  • Subject area: Epigenetic control of ethanol preference response in C. elegans
  • Years: 2013 and 2014

Bryn Ready

  • Year 4, Biology
  • Subject area: Role of the C. elegans shugoshin protein in ciliated neurons.
  • Year: 2013