Ali Honoramooz

Professor, Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, WCVM

Please click on the following tabs to view the list of current and past graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are or have been supervised/co-supervised by Ali Honoramooz.

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Current Graduate Students

Awang Junaidi

  • Degree sought: PhD
  • Thesis subject area: In vitro and in vivo proliferation and differentiation of gonocytes
  • Years: 2011-present
Previous Graduate Students

Yanfei Yang

  • Degree sought: PhD
  • Thesis subject area: The study and manipulation of gonocytes
  • Years: 2006-2011

Sepideh Abbasi

  • Degree sought: MSc
  • Thesis subject area: Donor and recipient factors in testis tissue xenografting
  • Years: 2008-2011

Mahsa Abrishami

  • Degree sought: MSc
  • Thesis subject area: Cryopreservation and xenografting of testis tissue
  • Years: 2005-2009
Previous Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates and Visiting Scholars

Bibhuti Ranjan, PhD

  • Research area: Effect of environmental toxicants on primary culture of porcine testicular cells
  • Years: 2012-2013

Abbas Shirazi, DVM, PhD

  • Research area: Sperm mediated gene transfer using a bovine model
  • Year: 2009

Daryoush Hajinezhad, DVM

  • Research area: Confocal and 3D imaging
  • Years: 2008 - 2012

Mehran Yarahmadi, DVM

  • Research area: Short-term preservation of testis cells
  • Year: 2007

Jiongran Chen, PhD

  • Research area: Effects of elk velvet antler as a nutritional supplement in rats
  • Year: 2007 - 2008
Previous Summer Students

Elisabeth van Veggel

  • Year 1, DVM program
  • Research area: Effect of media on in vitro survival of gonocytes
  • Year: 2012

Erica Wolford

  • Year 1, DVM program
  • Research area: In vitro maturation of porcine testis tissue
  • Year: 2011

Jordon Steeg

  • Year 2, BSc program
  • Research area: Hypothermic preservation of testis tissue
  • Year: 2008