Community Partnerships Testimonials

  • “Participation in the Pre-health club allows students to experience their desired career choice through invaluable mentorship.  While the mentorship is , perhaps, the most attractive feature of the experience the Club offers our students, the informational sessions and opportunity to network with other students who have similar interests develop a strong foundation and sense of focus for those students who believe they would like a career in a health-related profession.“
    Sejal Pilazke, school guidance cousellor, Regina Public School Division

Health Region Testimonials

  • "The PHP Club is essential for increasing the number of Aboriginal students in the professions. It builds students self confidence and they feel supported."
    Karen Schmidt, All Nations Healing Hospital
  • Mentor (medicine) “The Pre-Health Professions Club helps expose bright young students to the field of medicine and often influences the decision of a student to enter a health care profession.”
    Dr. D. Kopriva, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region
  • Dr. Kopriva - interview with a physician
  • “It’s exciting to have an opportunity to meet these smart young students who have lots of questions about a potential health career. It is essential for the health region to take this opportunity to start building relationships with the students and to plan for them to be potential staff in our health programs.”
    Marga Cugnet, Acting CEO, Sun Country Health Region.
  • “Having Aboriginal health care students and professionals as role models, doing presentations and having hands on activities with the students are a concrete ways to promote health careers. It was a good opportunity to promote our region and speak with the chaperones and students about health education and job opportunities. I believe the personal stories by the deans, indicating that hard work and perseverance got them where they are today, were encouraging to the students.”
    Millie Goulet, Representative Workforce Coordinator, Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region, 2011
  • "Being a partner in the Pre-Health Professions Club has enabled us to connect with a diverse group of students and promote a range of health care professions within our region. The physicians and staff of the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region value the opportunity to mentor students who are excited about the prospects of working in the health care sector. The Region is committed to advancing knowledge, teaching and research and we believe these students are our future."
    Carol Klassen, Vice-President, Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, 2011