Evaluation Research

Research Study and Club Feedback

The University of Saskatchewan are conducting a research project related to Pre-Health Professions Club Experiences.

To understand the effects and potential impacts of the PHP Club, a research component has been included. The intended outcome of this research is to determine if the Club experience is helpful to you in your career planning process.

Students are asked to voluntarily participate in a longitudinal study that reflects their understandings and intentions regarding health professional studies. Following completion of the PHP Club involvement, volunteers complete a short survey on their experiences. Students who wish to participate are contacted at intervals after high school graduation to determine whether they have continued in a health professions program of study.

Participation in this research project is completely voluntary and will allow participants to have input into the future directions of this program. Researchers will be conducting pre-and post surveys while students are in high school and then contacting students following their graduation completion.

PHP Club Brochure (PDF)