Career Pathways

Session one, general stream of Pre-Health Professions Club includes career pathways speakers from the respective health regions and community where they work and live. Post-secondary students, medical residents and practicing professionals meet with high school students to share their personal journey to medicine, nursing, pharmacy and nutrition. Students engage in discussion with the professionals about why they entered the profession, rewards and challenges within the profession, career /life/work balance, workplace environment and advice when entering the profession. Career pathway speakers often meet the students again in their role as mentors.


Presenter: Dr. W.M. Llewelyn-Williams, MBChB
Title: Family physician
Employer: self
Presentation time: 13 minutes

Description: Dr. Llewelyn-Williams provides his perspective as a South African physician immigrating to Canada with his family to experience a Saskatchewan and life as a family physician in rural and urban Saskatchewan. He shares his passion for the medical profession as he speaks about the successes and challenges, his love for continuing education, qualities of a good physician, diversity of medicine and how to achieve a healthy career, life/work balance.


Presenter: Dr. John Thiel, MD, FRCSC
Title: obstetrics and gynecology physician
Employer: self
Presentation time: 12 minutes

Description:Dr. Thiel is an obstetrics and gynecology specialist in Regina who shares passion and excitement for the medical profession. He stresses the need for a strong commitment to medicine in order to succeed as he traces the life as a medical student, resident and a physician.

As a physician in private practice he speaks about the importance of business management in private practice, carving out time for leisure and family, accessing supports of other professionals to achieve a healthy career, life /work balance. Dr. Thiel describes why he loves medicine as he recognizes the success and challenges of the profession and the diversity within medicine. His message to students is to explore the diversity and match an area of medicine to your skills. Explore your options.

  • Dr. Taffeta Fitterer – University of Saskatchewan, Family Medicine Resident  (2013)
  • Dr. Alain Lenferna 2011 family medicine physician (2011-13)
  • Dr. Ardith Milne – Rheumatologist (2013)
  • Lynsey Martin - 4th year Medical Student, (2013)
  • Anna Steve – 2nd year Medical Student (2013)
  • Sachin Trivedi - 2nd year Medical Student, (2013)
  • Dr. David Kopriva, vascular surgeon (2010-13)
  • Dr. Tiann O’Carroll, emergency physician (2012)
  • Dr. Paul Dhillon, family medicine resident (2012)
  • Jared Oberkirsch, medical student (2012)
  • Alistair Smith, medical student (2012)
  • Dr. Allie Thiele, obstetrics/gynecology medical resident (2011, 12)
  • Dr. Ken Harrison, psychiatry, medical resident (2011-12)
  • Dr. Jaimie Stushnoff, family medicine physician (2008, 11)
  • Kieran Conway, medical student (2011)
  • Jackie Perrot, medical student (2011)
  • Dr. John Thiel, obstetrics and gynecology physician ( 2007-09, 11 )
  • Dr. Dakshina R. Murthy, cardiologist (2010)
  • Dr. Jennifer Kuzmicz, family physician (2010)
  • Allison Kirkham, medical student (2010)
  • Sarah Liskowich, medical student (2010)
  • Eman Ramadan, medical student, University of Saskatchewan (2010)
  • Dr. Wendy McEachern, medical imaging resident (2010)


Presenter: Dr. Kelly Penz, PhD RN
Title: Assistant Professor, Regina site
Employer: College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan
Presentation time: 13 minutes

Description:  Kelly presents her personal experiences as a clinical nurse in the areas of general surgery and ophthalmology, a researcher and an educator.

This is a comprehensive account of the nursing profession that introduces students to a day in a life of a registered nurse that discusses the rewards and challenges of nursing, roles of a registered nurse, attributes of a successful nurse, domains of nursing and employment opportunities for nurses.


Presenter: John Mitchell, RN, RPN, MSc,
Title: Clinical Nurse Specialist, Mental Health, Health Canada
Employer: Health Canada
Presentation time: 18 minutes

Description: This presentation examines the importance of exploring a career pathways before entering the profession by identifying important considerations such as the skills required to be a successful nurse, gender balance within the profession, workplace diversity, opportunities available to nurses and the impact of technology that helps shape the world of nursing today. John also speaks about his experiences as a mental health nurse, a researcher, a consultant and an educator.

  • Niki Rodine, BSN, clinical nurse (2013)
  • Tara Slade, BSN, clinical nurse (2013) 
  • Patti LeBlanc, RN, Manager-Nursing Mentorship Program (2011-13)
  • Kelly Carson, BSN clinical nurse (2012)
  • Karen Dixon, BSN, FHHR (2011, 12)
  • Stella Swertz, BSN, clinical coordinator (2012)
  • Jacqueline Orban-Longman, BSN clinical nurse (2011)
  • Marga Cugnet, BScN, RN, acting CEO, Sun Country Health Region (2011)
  • Crystal Grimeau, BSN, clinical nurse (2010)
  • Erin Haas, BSN, SIAST nursing instructor (2010)

Pharmacy and Nutrition

  • Brandon Hoffman,  BSP, community pharmacist (2013)
  • Barb Wright, RD, hospital dietitian (2013)
  • Chantel Mougeot, 4th year pharmacy student (2013)
  • Shawn Smith, RD, hospital dietitian (2012)
  • Heather Tullock, RD, hospital dietian (2012)
  • Tim Bangsund 4th year pharmacy student (2012)
  • Yolandi Lombard 4th year pharmacy student (2012)
  • Lorene LeBere, BSP community pharmacist (2011)
  • Paul Bazin, pharmacy student (2011)
  • Janice Burgess, BSP, Saskatchewan Pharmacists Association, Director of Professional Practice (2010)
  • Lena Hartman, BSP, community pharmacist (2010)
  • Amy Smith, pharmacy student (2010)