Welcome to the Pre-Health Professions Club. This club was initiated as pilot project in 2006 to interest students from the southern half of the province in the specific health care fields of nursing and medicine. After the evaluation of the pilot project, we decided to continue the club in the areas of nursing, medicine and pharmacy and nutrition.

Thanks for your interest in learning more about opportunities for you in a health professions career. Our goal is to ensure students have sufficient information and support to make an informed decision about a career in the health professions, and then to help students access and succeed in the health profession program of your choice. As well as the information, the club is making a mentorship available to students so students are fully aware of the commitment required for your choice of profession.  Health care is an exciting and rewarding field, and we welcome your interest in joining us as colleagues and future leaders.

Based on previous Pre-Health Professions (PHP) Club feedback from school divisions, it was suggested that access to this information earlier in high school would be beneficial so the club is going to focus on Grade 11 students for Club entry. During the pilot year, school divisions will have the option to include Grade 12 students in the PHP Club orientation session provided in the spring.  We welcome your feedback at any time, on any component of the Club.

As we are interested in determining the effectiveness of this club, we hope you will participate in a research project that will help us follow your successes.

Dr. M. Smadu 2002-2012
Associate Dean of Nursing (Regina)
Dr. G. White
Associate Dean of Medicine (Regina)


Club Objectives

  • To identify students who have an interest in the health professions
  • To provide orientation and information for these students regarding medicine, nursing and pharmacy.
  • To support students in the preparation and application processes for the three programs
  • To create mentorship opportunities for students in the club