Mentorship Experiences

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A large number of the students commented that the mentorship was the deciding factor for wanting to pursue a career in health care while others were able to determine what they had explored was not for them.  Some students attended classes with medical students, while others visited the simulation lab to test their medical skills, and observed the work of the health care professionals.  Students in the Sun Country Health Region were able to be immersed in a rural health care experience.  A number of students reported seeing a variety of health care areas in an integrated facility. Students who reside in the Regina Qu’Appelle and Sun Country Health Regions participate in the Pre-Health Professions Club. Mentoring experiences are hosted throughout the community in areas where health care workers work in hospitals, integrated health care centres, community clinics, long term care facilities, local pharmacies.  Mentorship experiences provide students an opportunity to connect with health care professionals to ask questions about the profession in a one on one situation.

“The Club was awesome.  I learned a lot about my area of interest and it gave me the final push that I needed to go into nursing.”  Randi Turton, S.E. Cornerstone Public School Division

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