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Cultural Perspectives Pilot

The Pre-Health Professions Club, with the support from the Ministry of Learning has recently hired an Aboriginal Project Coordinator who will be developing a project that will involve File Hills Tribal Council, All Nations Healing Hospital and First Nations students from Prairie Valley School Division. The objective of the pilot is to provide a similar approach to the sessions hosted in Regina but with some adaptations to accommodate First Nations students living on reserve.

The high schools involved in the Fort Qu’Appelle pilot came from two sources; provincial schools and band schools.

Participating students were from:

  • Bert Fox Community High School (Fort Qu’Appelle)
  • Balcarres Community School (Balcarres)
  • Nakoda Oyade Education Centre (Carry The Kettle First Nation),
  • Chief Paskwa Education Centre (Pasqua First Nation),
  • Payepot School (Piapot First Nation) and
  • Peepeekisis Peskastew School (Peepeekisis First Nation).

The Fort Qu’Appelle pilot provided opportunity for Aboriginal students to participate and experience cultural perspectives in their own community. Individual band schools, who are affiliated with File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council, were invited to participate in the Club. These band schools had no previous information, experience or affiliation with the PHP Club.

The Pre-Health Professions Club has consulted with elders, educators, students, health regions and post-secondary institutions during the pilot to determine the needs of First Nation students. The sessions were designed using the resources within the community to create ownership and involvement within the program. Consultations to seek input from Elders and staff from File Hills Tribal Council, All Nations Healing Hospital and Prairie Valley School Division have reflected a high level of interest.

On February 4, 2010, an activity day was organized for grade 9-10 students to have an opportunity to experience a medicine and nursing session. The medicine session was led by third year medicine students who worked with the students to show them how to suture a pig’s foot. The medicine students and attending physician overseeing the activity were able to address any impeding questions, asked by the students.

Students participated in a nursing session which was organized by a diverse group of volunteer nurses. Students had an opportunity to listen to a heartbeat, take a blood pressure reading, and simulate CPR on a life-size mannequin or “patient” affectionately named Norman. A specialty nurse programmed Norman to experience a cardiac arrest and simulated problematic symptoms relating to Diabetes.

The second day of the pilot, was hosted on February 5, 2010 featured the grade eleven and twelve students in the cultural perspectives session I of the Pre-Health Professions Club program. A similar session was hosted in Regina on February 8, 2010 with participation from Regina Public Schools; Thom and F.W.Johnson Collegiate and Regina Catholic Schools, O’Neill and Miller High Schools.

Christel Gee
Pre-Health Professions Club Coordinator
University of Saskatchewan

Tom Perron
Medical Student