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Club sessions

The club involves students in a series of sessions that engages them in the exploration of career pathways to medicine, nursing, pharmacy and nutrition professions. Club sessions are divided into two streams: general and cultural perspectives streams to accommodate the all students. Each of the sessions are designed to engage the involvement of community partners to facilitate student needs and support.

  • View video clip - Karen Hewson, University of Saskatchewan, College of Nursing instructor, an interview about PHP Club sessions - by Danielle Gomersall and Kristine Kreklewich
    Credit: University of Regina

General sessions

General sessions are designed to involve grade eleven students who have an interest in exploring and experiencing one of the four professions. Grade eleven students are enrolled through the participating schools to attend the orientation session and complete the remaining sessions in their grade twelve year.

Session One

Session One is hosted in February, and April for the general and cultural perspectives streams. Post-secondary presentations included requirements presentations from role models, Elders and career pathways speakers.

For additional information about the cultural perspectives sessions visit the Cultural Perspectives section

  • Orientation to the club
  • Orientation to the four health professions
  • Orientation to post-secondary education requirements
  • Career Pathways presentations

Session Two: Mentorship Orientation

The presentation will focus on student safety, confidentiality, and commitment with respect to the proposed experiential opportunity.

  • Students will gain exposure to the work environment and interactions of a physician, nurse or pharmacist.
  • The presentation will address the requirements to prepare for the mentorship, and outline the procedure to follow to complete the mentorship.
  • This session will be provided just prior to the mentorship session in the fall.

Session Three: Mentorship

Students who attend session one and two of the PHP Club sessions are eligible to complete an 8 hour mentorship experience with a health care professional in a workplace setting.

Session Four: Summary and Reflection

The summary session will include a brief presentation and summary of the year’s activities. This session provides students with an opportunity to share highlights of their mentorship experiences with other students.

Students who have completed all club sessions receive a certificate of completion for their portfolio.

Follow up and Transitions The PHP Club contacts students after high school graduation to provide transitional support as they transition into post-secondary institutions.

For information on Cultural Perspectives stream session,visit,  Cultural Perspectives sessions