This year, the Pre-Health Professions Club noticed an increase in student enrollment with 372 students involved in the club. Of those enrolled, 148 students participated in the cultural of the club.

Students enrolled in the general stream in session 1 reported that it was important to know about academic admissions requirement for post-secondary programs. Others students felt that it was important to hear from people in the health care professions directly through career pathway presentations or seeing them in the workplace in the mentorship experiences


Regina Qu’Appelle includes Regina Catholic, Public, Prairie Valley and Holy Trinity School divisions, Luther College High School and associate schools from Regina Public, Huda and Harvest City.

Within the school divisions, thirty-six schools enrolled with a registration of 201 students participating in the full day general session. Within this group of students, there 19 rural schools as well as Aboriginal students who were integrated based on student preference. This year, the club extended invitations to school board members in recognition of the in kind support from the participating schools and school divisions.

Sun Country includes students from S.E. Cornerstone and Prairie Valley School Divisions. An introductory session was hosted at St. Joseph’s Hospital in April. Twenty-five students from 10 rural communities attended a full day session that involved staff from Sun Country Health Region, University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina and practicing community professions. The session was a similar format to the Regina session described above. There is a strong sense of commitment from the health region, school divisions and community involvement. The community partners are hoping that the students will return to their community to provide rural health care. Students were able to learn more about the professions through are rural perspective. Following the opening sessions, students indicated that they planning to research universities and scholarship opportunities.


This year 240 students were enrolled in the Pre-Health Professions Club to attend sessions in both rural and urban areas of the province. The Pre-Health Professions Club would like to welcome a new pilot in Northern Saskatchewan that included 55 students from Northern Lights School Division in the Cultural Perspectives stream. For more information on this pilot go to the cultural perspectives section.

Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR)

Since 2006, the PHP Club has worked collaboratively with RQHR and participating school divisions to engage staff to assist in creating a model within the health region that would accommodate a learning environment for high school students to explore health careers. Student enrolment continues to grow in the region in Holy Trinity, Regina Catholic, Regina Public and Prairie Valley School Divisions as will as File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council. Since the inception of the Club, RQHR has hosted 845 students including (Aboriginal students) from fifteen urban and twenty-five rural schools. The total number of students engaged to date does not reflect total student interest, which is higher than can be accommodated in the Club because of the mentoring aspect of the program. Mentorship student placements have been hosted in both urban and rural settings throughout the region.

Sun Country Health Region (SCHR) Pilot 2010/11

A new pilot involving the Sun Country Health Region and the South East Cornerstone School Division was initiated in 2010 with a small number of rural students participating in the Regina orientation session. On March 2011, 26 students attended an opening club session hosted at Weyburn Comprehensive High School. There was interest and support from the community through the media coverage and participation in the session. Presentations were made by Sun Country Health Region Interim CEO, Marga Cugnet; V.P. Medical Dr. Alain Lenferna; Regional Director of Recruitment and Retention Mark Arthur, as well as several front line practicing professionals from the health region. The PHP Club is working with the SCHR to host subsequent sessions and mentorship experiences in the health region. SCHR will encourage students in the Region as they explore and seek education in health careers, with the potential for employment after they graduate.

S.E. Cornerstone is located in south eastern Saskatchewan serving 39 schools with an estimated enrolment 7,862 rural students predominantly within the Sun Country Health Region.


Session 1 was hosted in spring for the general and cultural perspectives streams. Post-secondary presentations included requirements, changes to the nursing program for the 2011 intake as well as presentations from role models, elders and career pathways speakers. The Pre-Health Professions Club included the involvement of 194 students. We wish to welcome the participation of S.E Cornerstone School from Sun Country Health Region and Files Hills Qu'Appelle Tribal Council from Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region to the Pre-Health Professions Club.

For additional information on File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council pilot visit the Cultural Perspectives section.


General Sessions, Regina Qu’Appelle and Five Hills Health Regions

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College presentations from University of Saskatchewan

The Pre-Health Professions Club hosted a session for 130 Grade 11 students in Regina on March 9th at the Queensbury Centre, Evraz Place. In attendance were students, parents, guidance counsellors and school division coordinators. The session was the first of 3 sessions that will provide students with an opportunity to explore and experience the professions of nursing, medicine and pharmacy within the health care setting.

The session was led by a team from the University of Saskatchewan, Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Nutrition, and other faculty from the University of Regina and First Nations University of Canada. The morning session focused on program requirements, bursaries and scholarships and student supports from post-secondary institutions. During the afternoon students had the opportunity to attend two of three concurrent sessions that featured practicing professionals speaking about their career/life/work as a physician, nurse or pharmacist.

Students will complete second and third sessions in the fall of their graduating year and experience a mentorship experience within the Five Hills and Regina Qu’Appelle Health regions. The goal of the mentorship experience is to assist students in further career research by providing them with an observational experience of the work of a physician, nurse or pharmacist in a workplace setting.

The Pre-Health Professions Club team are optimistic that through these experiences, the high school students will be able to make a more informed decision about their career pathway following graduation.

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About Us, Pre-Health Professions Club Overview, College of Medicine Presentation
Dr. Gill White, Associate Dean of Medicine

General Session

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Career Pathway, Pharmacy Presentation
Janice Burgess, The Pharmacists' Association of Saskatchewan