In the latter half of 2013 the College of Graduate Studies and Research (CGSR) at the University of Saskatchewan (UofS) put out a call for volunteers to interface with the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS) in order to receive UofS specific information from the 2013 Survey of Canadian Postdoctoral Scholars. Several postdocs; Mike Wesolowski, Philip Vaughter, Sara Madariaga, and Amanda Quirk, answered this call and met with the CGSR.

Over the following year Mike, Sara, and Philip, presented the information from the CAPS survey to various administrative bodies as well as postdocs on campus. One major issue that arose from these presentations was the realization that there was very little in the form of communication among postdocs on campus and between postdocs and the university administration. To help address this issue and to serve as a hub for postdocs on campus, Mike, Philip, and Sara, with help from several representatives of the CGRS formed the Society of Postdoctoral Scholars in 2014.

The SPS is still in its infancy and is currently looking for volunteers and leaders to help grow the society and to ensure it remains a strong and vibrant addition to the UofS community. We encourage all postdocs to join the SPS. Please visit the Contact page of this website for further details.