2014-2015 WEAMS Executive

WEAMS Executive

From left to right, back row: Karra Pierce, Daren Mandrusiak, Melissa Cavanagh, Tammy Wong, Hilary Whiting, Courtenay Large, Patrick Robertson and Meaghan Ballard. Front row: Susanne Klonisch, Kristine Luck, Laura Davenport, Serena Caunce and Kathleen Mickie. Missing: Les Goethals.

  • Co-Presidents: Serena Caunce and Laura Davenport
  • President Elect: Karra Pierce
  • Treasurer: Tammy Wong
  • Secretary: Meaghan Ballard
  • Senior Public Relations Representative: Melissa Cavanagh
  • Junior Public Relations Representative: Les Goethals
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Susanne Klonisch
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Kristine Luck
  • Third Year Representative: Kathleen Mickie
  • Second Year Representative: Daren Mandrusiak
  • First Year Representative: Patrick Robertson
  • Team Falconry Leader: Hilary Whiting
  • Team Education Leader: Courtenay Large

Team Education

Team Ed

From left to right: Daren Mandrusiak, Tammy Wong, Aaron Mooi, Courtenay Large (Team Ed Leader), Kathleen Mickie and Rebecca Mycock.

Team Education is a dedicated group of WEAMS members that work closely with our education hawks, giving them regular excercise and teaching them to interact with the public, so that they can attend educational events in Saskatoon.