• Flappy is a mature Copper's Hawk that was admitted to the Veterinary Medical Centre on August 19, 2012. He was lying down, unable to stand, and slightly underweight when admitted. Some spinal trauma was noted on examination.
  • Flappy was given oral anti-inflammatory and pain controlling medication along with subcutaneous fluids. After giving the medication he was open mouth breathing, so was put on oxygen support for a short time.
  • For about a week Flappy was given subcutaneous fluids, anti-inflammatory and pain controlling medication, and tube-fed a liquid carnivore diet. Flappy was transitioned to over to solid food and began eating well on his own very quickly.
  • After a couple of days Flappy showed improved movement with his legs. After two weeks of care, he was running around his cage and a few days later he was able to fly around a larger room that he was moved to. He is now very feisty and is building up his strength.
  • Bloodwork, radiographs, and a CT scan of Flappy have not indicated anything abnormal. However, he has a slight head tilt and is not flying well enough to be released. More flight testing needs to be done to determine further action.
  • Flappy was flight tested on January 8, 2013 and he showed great improvement. Further radiographs were taken later in the month.
  • Flappy continued to show great improvement, and was released into the wild in the spring of 2013!