• Hoot is a mature Saw-whet Owl who was admitted to the Veterinary Medical Centre on October 15, 2012. He was found on the street in a residential area in Saskatoon. On admission, he was unable to fly and seemed depressed. He did not have any significant findings from a physical exam and a blood panel, but clinicians were concerned about possible head trauma.
  • Hoot was given subcutaneous fluids and an oral medication for pain control and to reduce inflammation for about a week. Right away he was able to eat solid food on his own. Hoot was put on cage-rest to give him time to stabilize and build up his strength.
  • Hoot was put under anesthesia for radiographs to be done, but no abnormalities were found. 
  • Hoot showed great improvement on his next flight test, and was sent to be soft released at the beginning of February 2013. He went to a large local facility where he could build up his strength further and to ensure that he could hunt on his own before being released to the wild.