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Public education is an important focus for the members of WEAMS. Every other year, the students of the WCVM organize a public open house (Vetavision) to showcase the variety that is veterinary medicine. Come visit the WCVM from October 2-3, 2015 to see our wildlife booth! There will be games, x-rays, photos and videos of our rehabilitation process. You may even get a chance to meet Jafar, our Swainson's hawk. For more information on Vetavision, you can visit their website.

WEAMS also helps to enrich the education and hands-on experience of veterinary students at WCVM. Each year, WEAMS organizes and hosts four wet-labs in:

  • Exotic animal handling and physical exams
  • Avian necropsy
  • Radiology and bandaging
  • Intramedullary pinning (wing repair)

WEAMS' Flying Ambassadors

Jasmine, a mature Swainson’s hawk, served as WEAMS’ teaching bird for ten years, beginning in July 2004. Throughout the years, Jasmine and her team of volunteer caretakers travelled to local libraries and schools where they helped teach children about wildlife. Sadly, Jasmine passed away from natural causes in late 2014 - but her memory and legacy continues to live on.

Jasmine was first brought to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. After she recovered from her injuries, WEAMS volunteers released Jasmine — but a concerned citizen brought the hawk back to the College during the summer of 2003.

Although she had no obvious health problems, her clinical team suspected that she had some underlying neurological problem. Since Jasmine was unable to live in the wild, WEAMS members decided to keep her as the organization’s education bird. 

During the winter of 2003, a group of veterinary students dubbed "Team Education" helped to train Jasmine so she could perch on a fist and be comfortable in crowds. After many hours of training, Jasmine and three WEAMS members gave their first public performance at the Pike Lake Provincial Park in July 2004. Jasmine went on to make dozens of public educational appearences throughout the Saskatoon area.

Click here to read more about one of Jasmine's many outings in Saskatoon!

WEAMS currently has an education bird in training - Jafar, a Swainson's hawk that cannot be released into the wild due to health issues. A small, dedicated group of WEAMS members known as "Team Falconry" work with the larger WEAMS patients, flying them and preparing them for eventual release. Team Falconry are now working with Jafar to train him and make him comfortable in public situations, at which time his care will pass into the hands of Team Education. WEAMS hopes to have Jafar ready for educational events soon!

If you would like more information about Team Education, or are interested in having one of our team members visit your classroom or other wildlife education event, please contact WEAMS.

Flying Ambassador