Cardiovascular Research Group

Dr Armin Wollin, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Physiology
College of Medicine



Research Interests:

Action of Dietary Fat on Vascular Function
My present research interest is directed to the action of nutrients on the endothelial cells. From earlier studies I have observed that fat absorption releases the enzyme diamine oxidase ( DAO ) from the intestinal mucosa. The released enzyme is carried along with the absorbed lipids to the blood stream and binds to the blood vessel wall. The function of diamine oxidase at this location is not known, other than that it inactivates histamine and polyamines and in addition has antioxidant properties. Since histamine increases vascular permeability and enhances transport across vascular walls, diamine oxidase is strategically located to catabolize circulating histamine and potentially reduce vascular permeability. Based on the action of diamine oxidase and the close relationship to fat absorption, it is conceivable that diamine oxidase may oppose LDL oxidation, reduce its passage to the interstitium and its uptake by scavenger cells and thus protect against the development of atherosclarosis.

Therefore, my studies are aimed to evaluate the above hypothesis .



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