About the Centre


To be a centre of excellence in health promotion research, evaluation and practice.


PRHPRC Strategic Plan

About the Centre

The Prairie Region Health Promotion Research Centre was established in 1993 in the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan for the purpose of strengthening population health promotion through fostering research into ways of promoting health. Since its establishment the Centre has been active in establishing links between organizations, practitioners, researchers and policy makers; disseminating research findings; and working through partnerships to offer training in health promotion practice and research.

Over the past five years, the majority of Centre initiatives have been implemented through the Saskatchewan Heart Health Program - Dissemination Phase (1998-2003) and the Training for Health Renewal Project (1998-present). Through the Heart Health project the Centre has played a major role in building Health District health promotion capacity throughout the province and increasing understanding (via research) of such capacity-building processes. The Training for Health Renewal Project (THRP) currently represents the international component of the Centre’s work and has been based in Mozambique and Canada. Its aim is to strengthen the capacities of educational institutions to train health workers in creating more egalitarian and effective relationships with the communities they serve. The Centre’s recently developed strategic plan builds on these initiatives, whilst strengthening research capacity, broadening our focus with respect to community and approaches to practice and attending to longer term issues of centre infrastructure and sustainability.