When was it?:   1 pm August 15 to 1 pm August 18, 2005

Where:   University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

What:  A national, intersectoral adult education event designed to increase skills and knowledge in taking a population health promotion approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Why:  To strengthen community and organizational capacity to develop a range of effective health promotion initiatives in addressing underlying health determinants of mental health and wellbeing. To enable the creation of health-related policies and programs that support the self-determination of a variety of cultural communities.

Objectives were to provide

Who should have participated:

Presented by The Prairie Region Health Promotion Research Centre in partnership with:

Evaluation Report for the 2005 Summer School:
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Brochure/Agenda for the 2005 Summer School:
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Learning Resources:

PowerPoint file of Opening Keynote by Dr. Lewis Williams
Taking a Population Health Approach to Mental Well-being: Identity, Culture & Power
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PowerPoint file of Keynote by Dr. Lewis Williams
Landscapes of Self-Determination: Power, Culture and Equity (Part One: Widening the Cultural Lens)
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PowerPoint file of Keynote by Dr. Lewis Williams
Landscapes of Self-Determination: Power, Culture and Equity (Part Two: The Mental Health Promotion Practitioner as an Agent of Self-Determination)
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Mental Health Promotion Links
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2005 Summer School Speaker Biographies
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2005 Summer School - Dr. James Irvine PowerPoint
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Some Background:

The focus of the previous Schools has been on a variety of topics including: “Working for Change in the Community and Organizations”, “Intersectoral Partnerships” and “Working together on the Determinants of Health.”  The huge success of past summer schools has largely been achieved through collaborative processes that involved a number of health-related organizations such as Saskatchewan Health, Human Services Integrated Forum, and Health Canada. We are continuing the Centre’s rich tradition of partnering with organizations to plan and produce this learning event. Among organizations we are partnering with are: the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Population Health Promotion Branch, Public Health Agency, Population Health and Community Care Branches, Saskatchewan Health, Saskatoon Health District and the Indigenous People’s Health Research Centre, University of Saskatchewan. This year, as in the years past, the Centre aspires to host a meaningful and successful 2005 Summer School. If you haven’t attended before, or simply want to remember, please feel free to browse the Centre website to get a feel for previous summer schools.

Highlights from Previous Summer Schools:

Why Mental Health Promotion? Mental well-being is a relatively un-trodden frontier in terms of health promotion practice. It remains predominantly entrenched within western biomedical approaches; and has tended to be compartmentalized from mainstream health promotion, which has for the most part, concentrated on the physical aspects of health. The focus of service provision tends to remain on illness care, rather than prevention, promotion and work to address the underlying determinants that influence the wellbeing of the diverse range of populations that make up our society.


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